A Baby Shower in Winter Wonderland

For lots of people, winter means cold, wet, dark and definitely unromantic. However, there is a lot of beauty to be found on a cold, crisp winter's day with the sun out and causing the whole wintry landscape to sparkle like a cut diamond.

One can simply imagine the symmetrical beauty of a snowflake or the shimmer of ice and icicles to think of winter as beautiful. Jack Frost's winter paintings and even the crystalline beauty of the snow queen is something that fertile imaginations can grow on.

Why not create a winter baby shower based on this winter wonderland? To begin with, the invitations must be created very carefully. It's possible to buy invitations that feature snowflakes, snowmen, or winter landscapes but it's just as easy to create invitations using snowflake cutouts in silver paper and encrusted with pearlescent glitter.

Why not create a Hans Brinker-like color scheme of white, silver, and icy blue? Repeated all over the party area, it will even make the warmer areas of the country seem shivery cold. First, change the lights in the area to blue to make it cold. Then, hang silver streamers from the ceiling and tuck in a few crystals to catch even more light.

At intervals along the walls, set large pots planted with bare, curly willow twigs that are heavily painted with glue and liberally sprinkled with glitter. Other branches can be spray-painted silver while still others can take an old fashioned soaking in hot water and a large amount of alum. Left overnight, there will be crystals clinging to the branches the next morning. Handle them carefully or you could knock the crystals off.

Cover the tables in shiny silver tablecloths and center each one with a cut-crystal bowl filled with shiny Christmas balls and icicles. Surround the bowl with white votive candles that are set in chunky glass holders. Sprinkle the table with blue and white rhinestones to catch even more sparkles.

At the buffet table, set it with more silver. From the silver tablecloths to the silver platters used to serve the food, to the glittery Christmas décor used as accents, it should be a shivery, sparkly table. Make the main centerpiece a smaller version of the iced branches on the sides with more décor to hold the branches up.

Even if this is a wintry wonderland, the food need not be frozen! Winter classics like stew or a roast would do well to warm the insides. Paired with country bread, this stew or even a heavy soup would be a wonderful meal. For the dessert, a perfect petit four clothed in white fondant and decorated with silver dragees and white rock sugar crystals would be a great finish.

White wine would be perfect, of course, as would non-alcoholic white sangria filled with citrus fruit slices.

And as a favor, one would be perfectly happy when gifted with a cutwork lace sugar cookie embellished with pure white royal icing. What else would be better than that?