Green Baby - Eco-Friendly Baby Shower

Today there are many different ways to be kind to the environment during a baby shower. From invitations to clean-up, the mother can help ensure a healthy Earth for her new baby.

First, you must decide how green to be in your baby shower invitations. The least wasteful, and perhaps easiest, option is to send out e-invites. Inviting guests through email allows for a quick response and does not require addressing multiple envelopes!

If email invitations are not a reasonable option, seed-cards are the next best choice. These biodegradable invitations look like regular cards, but are meant to be planted, and produce lovely flowers. Seed-cards can be ordered online or in some organic stores.

Next, a baby shower hostess must consider the best place to hold the festivities. During pleasant weather, you can throw your shower outside, either in a garden or at a park. Not only will this allow guests to enjoy the outdoors, but this will eliminate the need for extra electricity. If the weather is poor, an indoor daytime shower is good. Soy candles can provide extra light as well as a pleasant atmosphere.

To decorate, the green hostess will want to avoid wasting paper and balloons. Instead, try decorating with fruits and vegetables as table centerpieces and with flowers or potted plants along the walls. For dinnerware, consider using real plates and silverware. If that is not feasible, you can find biodegradable, corn "plastic" or bamboo plates and cups. Serve food made from locally grown produce to eliminate the fuel needed to ship the produce. Making the baby shower a potluck can also help reduce the carbon footprint.

Perhaps the easiest and most effective way to make the baby shower green is with the gift registry. Organic cotton baby clothes, washable diapers, and hand-me-downs are all Earth-friendly options. Homemade or locally produced baby food, non-plastic toys, and organic cleansers will help the new parents start their baby on the right path. Request that guests either not wrap the gifts or use recycled paper such as newspaper and pre-used tissue paper. With a little effort, the guests can still make their presents cute and presentable without causing excess waste.

Party favors to be handed out to the baby shower guests can also be environmentally friendly. The easiest way to do this is to give out small potted plants. These gifts will also give the guests a pleasant memento to place in their homes.

Finally, the last way to help the Earth while celebrating a new life is during the clean-up process. Of course, all metal cans, paper, and plastic can be recycled, but the leftover food can also be composted for a personal or community garden. Organic cleansers can be used on the dishes and tables, and anything which cannot be recycled can possible be reused. At the very least, using recycled and recyclable materials will help the environment. These steps will help make the world a better place for the new baby!