Have an Early Celebration with a Baby Shower Breakfast

If the mommy-to-be and the guests are all working and busy, a good compromise is to have a baby shower breakfast party. Having the baby shower in the morning before a busy day at work is a great way to set a happy mood for the rest of the day.

Set a happy mood with the baby shower breakfast invitations. Choose an upbeat card with a picture of a meal, like maybe a brioche or a croissant with a cheese and coffee and fruits. Or, a clean-lined, modern print on the cover of the invitation would make the theme nicely.

Since this is a baby shower breakfast, you don't need to have that many decorations. Concentrate more on the tables and the garnishes on the food instead. You don't need that many sparkles – that would look just wrong early in the morning. A contrast in textures of the fabrics would make everything look better. Vases of fresh flowers and bowls of fruit artfully arranged are great accents for this breakfast.

Choose soft colors for the table, this is breakfast after all. A nice mix of pastels on white would be terrific; lively enough but not too bright to cause headaches. Small bouquets of mixed roses and carnations would be lovely. You could also put an arrangement of fresh fruits down the center of a long table. Tuck in some flowers here and there and you have a simple – and destructible – arrangement since it can also serve as part of your breakfast.

When arranging your breakfast table, be sure to keep like foods with like. Or serve the accompanying sauce or jam with the main course. Most people don't like to figure out what partners with what early in the morning and it is but considerate to group things together in the first place. Have a bread and fillings station, a cereal and milk or yogurt station, a fruit and beverage station, and so on. Provide serving spoons for the jams and honey, and decant them into glass bowls, if possible.

There is a wide variety of breakfast food to serve here, more if you're doing brunch. You could create a pancake or omelet station if there are a lot of guests. A good selection for a breakfast would be a vegetable frittatta (mix it up the night before and throw it in the oven first thing), various types of crusty bread and Danish pastries (bought from a terrific bakery), three or four types of cereal, cheese, fruits, two or three types of jam, butter, and yogurt. A beverage bar of juices, coffee, tea, and hot chocolate served with lemon slices, sugar and cream would round it out nicely.

A cake is a little too much early in the morning, so perhaps a specialty pastry can stand in for it instead. A round of sticky pecan buns drizzled with a sugar glaze or a less-sweet Danish coffee is scrumptious. One special thing that you can create for the baby shower breakfast is a special drink. Peach nectar and orange juice cut with sparkling water make a virgin mimosa, while a mix of cherry juice with sparkling lemonade gives a real lift to the day. Present these drinks in champagne flutes to take advantage of the bubbles and garnish the bottom of each glass with a whole cherry.

Favors for the baby shower breakfast could be a single teacup that is prettily decorated paired with a box of special tea. Coffee afficionados could receive a pack of specialty coffee instead, paired with chocolate spoons and coffee sugar crystals.