Second Baby Shower

Is it appropriate to give a second child a baby shower? Yes, indeed! Contrary to what most people think, a baby shower is not just for first born babies. Giving out a baby shower for the second or third child has been a long debate. However, a lot of circumstances have proven that a second or third child deserves a baby shower.

A second baby shower is as important as the first baby shower especially if there is a considerable age gap between the first child and the second child. In cases like this, things or clothes used by the first baby may have been given to families and friends as hand-me-downs. Because of the age gap, there is a possibility also that clothes are not in style anymore or may be worn out. On the other hand, if there is a short gap as well between the first baby and the second baby, it is probable that things such as cribs, strollers, baby seats, etc are still in use by the first baby. Therefore, a second baby shower can help in acquiring these necessities.

The gender of the first and the second baby is also a factor in deciding whether or not to throw a second baby shower. If the first baby is a boy, then it may be a good idea to throw a shower where the girl will receive girl clothes and toys. Even if the genders are different for the babies, there are still some items that can still be reused. So sometimes a smaller baby shower or a baby sprinkle can be held.

Guests for the second baby shower may also offer gifts to the parents instead of the baby for a change. This is only advisable if a lot of things from the first baby are still available and usable. Some of the gifts that could be given to parents are:

· Massage or spa for mom – Soon-to-be-moms would surely love this.
· Gift certificates - this could be a beauty parlor spree for mothers after giving birth
· Service – a friend or a family member may promise to take good care of the household chores for 3 days after giving birth
· Food during the giving of birth
· Sponsorship for the christening of the baby
· Books
· CD / DVD for good parenting
· First outing of the child

A second baby shower is also a good of way of bonding with families and friends. Surely, everybody is as excited as the parents for the coming of the new baby. Thus, the event should be made memorable just like the first baby shower.

In a nutshell, it really doesn’t matter whether it is a first baby shower or a second baby shower and which is more fun. What counts most is the warm welcoming of the baby as part of the family and the celebration of a new life.