Maintaining Ties with a Family Baby Shower

When the reason for the celebration is an addition to the family, there is no more loving way to celebrate it than by holding a family baby shower. This is a baby shower cum family reunion where everyone gets together and shows support for the parents-to-be and renews ties with each other. Close friends that are already considered family must be invited, of course!

When you send the invitation for the family baby shower, make it clear that everyone is expected to arrive, from the females to the males and the children. This kind of big celebration is one that definitely requires rsvp's so be sure to put in your contact number and the “contact by” date. To make things easier for you, you may want to term that “regrets only” so that you'll only be expecting calls from those relatives that won't be arriving.

A family baby shower is bound to be a large affair, so plan it where there is plenty of space. If a private garden with a wide lawn can be borrowed, do. Any place with a large, open space and quick access to rest areas (especially for the mommy-to-be) is considered fair game.

An outdoors theme like a barbecue, a luau, clambake, or even an Australian turn on the barbie is a great theme for this kind of family baby shower. Everyone will be involved in activities, which will keep them busy and happy. Have enough tableware on hand, and purchase 25% more than you estimate you may use. That way, you will have some extras on hand when you need them. Make sure you will be able to rent some outdoor tents for the food tables, in case it would be too hot or it rains. Have a lot of simple decorations that you can hang on trees like flaglets or paper lanterns. Have simple floral arrangements for your tables – a selection of mixed white flowers in jam jars, perhaps. You could always tie a ribbon around the jam jar for extra oomph.

As for food, have few selections but plenty of it. Since this is a barbecue, have perhaps pork or beef spareribs and butterflied chicken to throw on the grill. Using the same sauce for both cuts down on mistakes. Also, have a green or vegetable salad on hand for any vegetarians, as well as lots of bread and baked or grilled potatoes. A classic chocolate cake or perhaps brownies and blondies are perfect endings to this simple meal.

Of course a cake is needed – choose one that has a flavor everyone likes, or have each layer in a different flavor. You could pair the cake with individual ice creams or with a custard sauce that can stay at room temperature. Fresh fruit juices, sodas, and some beer would be refreshing accompaniments to this meal.

Choose only two to three games for this family baby shower. The large amount of people makes games a little unwieldy at best. Choose games that can be played in teams, like charades or pictionary, lawn games like volleyball, or contests like the Beer Baby Bottle contest for the men.

Favors for the family baby shower should be kept simple. A bottle of barbecue sauce for example, after being dolled up with a ribbon, would be a great choice for this backyard barbecue family baby shower.