Daddy Baby Shower

People don’t typically take dad into consideration when they’re throwing a baby shower – the focus is all on mom, all the time. Usually, baby showers don’t even include the father as part of the festivities.

If you’re looking to do something a little different and help include the soon to be father in the fun too, maybe you could throw a shower for him? A lot of the time, between friends, family and coworkers, mom gets 2 or 3 showers. Making one of them a dad-friendly event will certainly not upset her, and dad will love being involves.

Guys are pretty easy creatures to please most of the time. For the most part, guys like sports, tools, grills and new toys. Your theme can include any of the above. You can theme your shower after a Super Bowl party, a shop, or even just a simple cookout. No matter what you do, as long as dad’s involved with this part of the pregnancy, he’ll probably be ecstatic.

Since mom’s probably having her own shower (you may want to ask her first, though) you can more than likely have a lot of fun with this one. Mom and dad are both stressed out with everything going on so quickly trying to prepare for baby. If mom is having her own shower, then consider making this shower a gag gift party. Gifts could include oversized diapers and pacifiers, or useful (but funny) gifts such as diaper rash ointment, baby wipes, a “daddy doodie apron” or a child survival tool belt (complete with diapers, wipes, a baby brush) are all good ideas for gifts for this shower.

Another idea for gifts is to make it a “Daddy Do” party. Have the guests all bring gifts that dad can use with baby as he grows up. These gifts can be anything from kids’ story books that daddy can read to baby, to games and puzzles for toddlers, up to baby size golf clubs so they can go golf together.

You could also consider filling baby bottles with dad’s favorite beer for him and his friends to enjoy. If you can get them to drink it in a public place (and you probably can), this one could be a lot of fun.

Since we’re trying to de-stress the soon to be parents, don’t get to involved with a mess that they may feel obligated to help clean (decorations, huge buffets). Instead, turn on an action movie or his favorite team, have a cookout and just let everyone mingle and relax. Dad (and mom) will definitely appreciate a day to unwind with their friends and family.

After the cookout and the game, it’s time for dessert. For dessert, consider cupcakes decorated like the ball from his favorite sport, or cookies cutout like football players. You might even put in the effort to decorate a cake like a football field. (Extra point if you manage to decorate it like his favorite team’s home field.)