Definitely Not Just Your Run-of-the-Mill Baby Shower Venues

Baby showers are a charming custom that dates back hundreds of years ago, from Ancient Egyptian and Roman rituals, all the way to the more familiar Victorian and 20th century gatherings. While that first baby shower was most likely a simple, if ritualistic, affair, it soon became an excuse for a celebration. While parties at home and at restaurants are already the norm, why not take a look at more unusual and interesting baby shower venues?

First thing when planning a baby shower is to take the needs of the star of the show into consideration. The pregnant mom does need to have a place to rest, a bathroom nearby, and a quick way in and out for emergency cases. Everything else falls into place after all this is factored in.

A great place to hold a baby shower is outdoors. If budget is an issue, a park with a beautiful view would be an inspired choice among baby shower venues. If you can imagine a picnic table set under shady trees, decorated with citronella candles set in glass jars to keep the insects away, there is no more relaxing place to be. What's best about this is the only things you need to bring in are food and a few décor items. The benches, tables, and everything else are in place and there's always a great playground for the kids to play in. If it's a sultry day, a nice giveaway would be paper or fabric fans in the theme colors of the party. If you can find those handy little battery-powered electric fans, that would be terrific.

If there's an organic farm nearby, it would be a very offbeat choice of baby shower venues. If the management has restaurant services on the premises, that would solve the problem of what to have for refreshments – without the mom worrying about whether the food is OK for the baby or not. These farms normally have rest areas or gazebos that can be easily set up for small gatherings, with pretty views all around, to boot.

Spas are terrific baby shower venues. Expectant moms would definitely jump at the chance to be pampered and spoiled, if only just for a few hours. A private room for groups can be reserved for a foot spa and a facial, with maybe herbal tea and some pastries served for refreshments afterward. This is one party that has no need for any sort of games since its entertainment is already built into the party itself.

But what if the baby is due in the middle of winter? If an overnight getaway can be arranged, a stay at a cozy bed and breakfast would be wonderful. These baby shower venues are extremely luxurious and can actually be a gift in itself. After all, what's nicer than spending a couple of days with close friends who are all focused on welcoming a baby into the world?

These are just a few of the unusual places to hold a baby shower. And there are definitely more; if you take a good look around you, you would definitely find a couple of unique places to use as baby shower venues.