Religious Baby Shower Ideas

Babies are definitely a blessing but sometimes, in the desire to be different or to impress, certain parts of the baby shower come across as obscene or vulgar. Despite the popularity with hostesses of some games such as the Dirty Diaper game with melted chocolates that the guests are supposed to guess the names of, these could come across as horrifically gross and borderline vulgar when presented the wrong way.

Why not make the baby shower a celebration of life instead? By focusing more on the spiritual blessings that the religious baby shower theme offers, the gift of life itself becomes more significant and precious. It is also a relief to a mommy-to-be with strong religious faith to have a more inspirational baby shower that magnifies the blessings they have received from God.

There are several ways to put together the religious baby shower. You could choose to let the theme carry the whole celebration from the invitation, decorating, and favors, or just plan to have the decorations along those lines? Will everyone be comfortable with the theme (do most guests have the same beliefs as the mommy-to-be?) or would it cause some guests to start a discussion that could prove to be explosive later on? Adjust the intensity based on the guest list.

There are cute religious baby shower themes out there! They should never be something full of gloom and doom – isn't having a baby a happy event? Themes like Noah's Ark, angels, Precious Moments, A Gift from God, rainbows, and roses can be translated as religious themes.

For example, since roses are a predominant feature when it comes to the Virgin Mary, it makes a perfect symbol on which to base a religious baby shower for a Catholic mother on. Decorate using pink ribbons, pink roses, and maybe give away favors such as the traditional pink and white candied almonds or marzipan to represent the bittersweetness that Mary felt when Christ was born.

A Christian mommy-to-be of any sect would definitely love to have a Noah's Ark theme. A theme that can be translated to a nursery theme too (enabling the mommy-to-be to reuse the décor for the baby's room) features cute animals and of course, the ark. The rainbow colors that are used to flesh out the theme are bright and cheerful, perfect for the nursery, too.

Broadcast the theme starting with the invitations. One unusual but beautifully done invitation employs the ultrasound picture of the baby. After scanning the photo, frame the portrait using desktop editing software and add an appropriate Biblical verse about God knowing and loving you even before you are born.

You could also print out a favorite hymn using an old-fashioned font. You could either print out the hymn in a very light color or superimpose a blank area in the center where the details of the baby shower can be printed out, making the hymn the “frame” for the details.

Play on the theme “A Gift from God” and put a simple paper where the baby shower details are printed in a small gift box. On the outside, tie a gift tag onto the ribbon that says something like, “With all my love, God.”

A word of warning, though. There are some religious sects that forbid celebrating baby showers before the child is born. Check with the mommy-to-be if your plans coincide with her religious beliefs.