Up, Up and Away with the Airplane Themed Baby Shower

It would truly be a baby shower of a different sort once it's done in an airplane theme! What a wonderful way this would be to celebrate a parent's fascination with aircraft or to honor a parent that works in the air force or is a pilot. Neither does this have to be gender specific – there are terrific aviators that are both male and female so you don't need to worry about this usually sticky point.

Invitations for this airplane baby shower are simple to make. Simply print out all the details on the back of a piece of prettily printed paper and then fold it into a paper airplane! If you're mailing your invitations, seal your envelopes with the air mail stickers available at the Post Office.

Take the guests up, up, and away with pretty décor to set the scene for this airplane theme baby shower. An easy way is to make cutouts of cardboard clouds that you can embellish with glued-on strips of cotton and clear glitter, plus cutouts or paper models of planes suspended from the ceiling.

The walls can take on airport and airplane signs, like Gate A, Boarding Now, and Keep Your Seatbelt Fastened. Of course, the ubiquitous “No Smoking” sign can go anywhere. The walls could be covered with maps, too. Ones that would fit in with the theme would be those with flight patterns on them, like what you'd find on the back of airline magazines. Then choose what color scheme to use, like red, blue, and silver for American Air or Blue and White for SAS if you like the International Airlines.

If you choose to use balloons and decorate with flowers, you should get them in this color scheme. So, any balloons in the SAS color scheme should be in blue and white only, as should the paper goods for the food, utensils, napkins, and tumblers. If you can find them, it would be great to serve your food on cardboard food trays like what they use on the planes.

Set simple arrangements of flowers stuck into floral foam at the center of the table in your chosen color scheme and set it on a glass plate that has been surrounded by polyester fiberfill which has been pulled out to look like clouds. Arrange little model airplanes around the bouquets.

At the food table, you could really make an eye-catching display with large airplanes made from folded sheets of construction paper dipping and diving as they are suspended from the ceiling. Position the food underneath on cardboard food trays or plain plastic trays. You could tuck in a few little airplanes around the trays, too.

You could serve the usual airplane food here, much tastier of course. Why not have miniature sandwiches cut out in airplane shapes. Why not fill the trays with bags of peanuts, pretzels, cookies, or crackers? And for those adventurous types, serve wings. Drinks of bottled water, soda, coffee and tea can be arranged on a small drinks cart complete with plastic tumblers.

As for favors, fill up airline sick bags with assorted chocolates and a luggage tag that has been personalized. What a great way to welcome that little pilot into the world.