You Are the Apple of My Eye Baby Shower Theme

When autumn comes around, there's nothing that captures the senses better than all the sweet apples that are flooding the market. And what better theme to tell the world that the new baby is the “apple of my eye” for the parents-to-be?

Invitations for this baby shower theme are very easy. All you'll need to do is cut out a red apple shape, a green leaf shape, and a white center where all the data of the baby shower would be written. Simply glue all the pieces of card together to create a 3D invitation card that any recipient would enjoy.

Color schemes are easy, too. Red and green are the obvious choices, but there are golden apples as well, which would make a good color contrast and stop the red and green from looking too much like Christmas colors. Buy all the decorations in these three colors, from balloons, streamers, banners, and all the paper goods you'll need for the table.

Set the table with a red tablecloth and center a large basket filled with fresh apples in the middle. Embellish the apples with flowers in red and yellow colors, like big poppies. Set a shiny apple on top of each of the plates to hold down the napkins that will be folded and set in the middle.

Set the buffet table in the same way, with a red tablecloth topped with a red and white checked cloth. You can create a beautiful centerpiece by filling a clear glass bucket with perfect apples. Fill up with water and then top off the arrangement with more of the flowers that you used in the table centerpieces.

Arrange the food on hewn wooden platters which you can surround with tiny lady apples which are shined up. Lift up some of the platters with bricks so that they’re not all the same level. The bricks are the perfect foil to the country feel of the apples, platters, and the red checkered tablecloth.

Food would obviously be centered on apples! It's just the type of baby shower that could showcase a heritage-style apple pie, a sour cream apple cake, and baked apples. Temper this sweet buffet with hot tea and coffee; don't offer apple juice with all these; that would be too much of a good thing.

A cake may be too much for this meal. Why not create a diaper cake instead and decorate it with apple-themed ribbons? Finish it off with baby toys and other accessories in red and yellow for that coordinated look.

For games, bobbing for apples comes to mind. This game doesn't need to be kept only for Halloween parties, it can be played throughout the whole autumn season.

Favors for this baby shower are wonderfully varied as well. There is a whole line for the “apple of my eye” theme, from beautifully scented candles to delicious spice mixes for hot apple cider. Or you could give cinnamon-apple scented body cream or lip balm instead. And there's no one who would refuse a packet of dried apples and cranberries.

There's nothing like the beauty of autumn to enjoy being the “apple of my eye” for someone special.