A Berry Baby Shower

A “Berry Sweet” baby shower is one that will stand out from all the rest. Highlight the sweet mommy-to-be with a baby shower that features all the berries of the summer in various ways. Fashion a party that focuses on the sweet berries of the season and the berry cute baby to come.

Send out your invitations with a luscious berry theme. Choose one that has macro shots of different types of berries or desserts featuring berries to kickstart this sweet theme. Scent the invitations with berry-scented cologne to whet your guests' appetites.

Swath your room with shades of berries and watch your room glow! Hang berry-colored crystals from the ceiling and intersperse them with blinking fairy lights. Cover the furniture with berry-tinted fabrics and make your cushions more sumptuous with berry scarves. Use different sizes of berry-hued Chinese paper lanterns and hang them in bunches on the ceiling. Change your light bulbs to pink and make the mood with laid-back music.

Swath the tables in either berry-printed fabrics or in berry hued linen. Set a cylindrical vase in the center of the table and fill it with berry-tinted water. Top it with berry hued roses and branches decorated with artificial berries. Scatter white and pink rhinestones around the table. Use white plates and silverware and wrap the linen napkins in berry-hued satin ribbon.

Spread the elegance to the buffet table with more berry linen and set up a beautiful berry-hued vase as a highlight. Elevate it and fill with bare branches decorated with a sparkly berry garland and pink crystals. Set the food on clear glass plates and sprinkle more rhinestones around the platters. Set tea lights nestled in berry-tinted votive candles around the platters and add a few jewel berries to catch the lights.

For the food, set a simple table with a selection of scrumptious desserts and sparkling wines. Berry filled desserts are available in endless variations: a Mixed Berry Cobbler with a choice of poured custard or whipped cream, a Vanilla Sponge with Macerated Mixed Berries and a Buttercream Frosting, and a do-it-yourself buffet bar of crepes with mixed berries and a selection of fillings are just the tip of the iceberg. Have several choices of berry-flavored sorbets and ice-creams: strawberries, blackberries, and raspberries. Serve this with white and pink sparkling wines with a few berries decorating each glass. A nice touch is to sugar the glasses with pink-tinted sugar.

To highlight the buffet table, create a croquembouche of perfect strawberries dipped in caramel. Or a simpler variation is to simply dip large strawberries in a marbling of dark and white chocolate. Nestle each one in a gold foil truffle case. Or, serve a sky-high mixed berry cake filled with a white chocolate mousse and smothered with berry-flavored cream and shavings of white chocolate.

For favors, a collection of strawberry scented body lotion, strawberry bath soaps, and a tiny jar of specialty strawberry jam packed into a small satin box is a wonderful keepsake.