Baby Shower Cabbage Patch Theme

Do you remember those adorable cabbage patch dolls that gained a huge following in then 80’s? They lost some of that popularity during the 90’s but are once again slowly gaining some of their popularity back. If you remember owning a cabbage patch doll, then you must also remember how awfully cute they were and how in love you were with the dolls. You can help bring back the love for cabbage patch dolls by throwing a baby shower cabbage patch style! This is one theme and that is guaranteed to bring back fond memories of your youth and also makes for a great conversation piece as you can bet that a bunch of other people in that party will also have some fond moments with their cabbage patch doll that they are only too happy to relive.

To tell everyone what your theme is, start by sending out the invitations that are naturally, related to the cabbage patch theme. You can order these cabbage patch themed invitations online and you may also make your own. Ordering the invites online may be a lot simpler for you and you can even personalize the invitations but if you prefer to get your hands dirty, then by all means create your own invitations. You can construct a simple invitation by using some green recycles paper and put in a paper cut out or a sticker of a cabbage patch doll. Anyone who knows those adorable faces will guess what your theme is right away and will undoubtedly fall in love with the theme. You can put in a request for the guest to bring a cabbage patch doll if she or he still has any surviving dolls.

During the party, you may serve salads in make faces in the salads using different vegetable to make it look like a cabbage patch salad and you can put the condiments inside some baby bottles in keeping with the cabbage patch theme. Another thing you can do is put heads of cabbage and some cabbage patch dolls on the center of the table so that they can serve as table toppers. If you have a bit more money, you can put the exact number of cabbage patch dolls on the table for every guest that will be sitting there so that they can each take home a cabbage patch doll. If you do not have the budget to buy dolls for your guests, you can borrow the cabbage patch dolls of the guests who are closer to you and just give them back once the party is over. You can also buy a couple of dolls and use them for a game. Whoever can name the doll correctly will get the doll as a prize.

For party favors, you can always give your guests a cabbage patch storybook that they can bring home to their own kids so that they can continue the cabbage patch tradition in their own homes with their own children of if they do not have children, they can still enjoy the storybooks.