Grab Your Backpack! It's a Dora Baby Shower!

Dora the Explorer is a little Latina girl that is really popular among the pre-school set that watch Nick, Jr. What better way to introduce the parents-to-be to what lies ahead than with a Dora baby shower?

Announce the theme with your invitation. Dora never goes anywhere without her map, and neither should your guests. Print out a map or make a drawing freehand and scan it into your computer. Key in the details and roll it up just like Dora's map. Simply secure the invitation with a Dora or Boots sticker and you're done.

The colors of the Dora the Explorer focus on pink, blue, aqua, purple, orange, and green. These are really perfect colors to use for a baby shower for a little girl or boy since they are gender-friendly. Have a lot of balloons and streamers in these mixed colors bunched around the room. Play some Latino and Spanish music for your background sounds. (Some artists to choose from could be Gloria Estefan, Enrique Iglesias, Shakira, or Luis Miguel)

The tables could be set in aqua, pink, and blue with coordinating plain tableware. As a theme-related centerpiece, have a child's backpack in the middle of the table and set a heavy vase inside. Fill the vase with multicolored flowers and have a rolled-up map sticking out of one side.

Dora is Latina, so it would be perfect to decorate the room and the buffet table in Mexican-inspired fiesta décor. Serve the food at the buffet table in colorful ceramic platters with Mexican designs and accent everything with a large, colorful flower arrangement of daisies. Hang Mexican paper cutwork (papel picado) banners from the ceiling if you like, and have a large pinata hanging from the center of the room filled with candies and travel-sized toiletries of hand sanitizer, hand lotion, diaper wipes, and baby cologne.

For the food, anything Latino is ok. You can go the easy way and serve Tex-Mex food like Taco Salad and have a tortilla bar to make your own Mexican concoctions then have a simple 'flan' with 'dulce de leche' for dessert or you could try out the culinary offerings from other South American countries like Puerto Rico, Brazil or Uruguay. After all, Dora IS an explorer, right?

A fun game for this Dora baby shower fiesta is to have a baby word scramble with the words translated to Spanish. Choose about twenty baby and maternity related words and translate them into Spanish (there are online translators that can do this for you very easily) and then scramble up the letters of the translated words. Hand out one copy to each guest along with a pencil and tell them they have to unscramble the words within three minutes. The guest with the most correct words is the winner.

Favors for the Dora baby shower could include a bar of milled Spanish soap, a small bottle of Spanish baby cologne like De Ne Nes or S3, or even some Spanish candies like peanut clusters in hard caramel or the ever popular 'turron.'