Have Yourself a Bit of Fun with a Whimsical Baby Shower

Getting ready for a new baby means a magical and mysterious time, and what better way to celebrate that than with a a Fun and Whimsical Baby Shower? Let loose your flights of fantasy and imagination and let yourself loose with this whimsical baby shower!

A perfect ready-made invitation for this whimsical baby shower is an Anne Geddes postcard. The pictures of adorable babies in totally imaginative settings show off the theme of this baby shower wonderfully.

Choose light, happy colors to set the stage. If you can set this outside or in a garden, half the work is done for you. Pick cheerful flowers like daisies, cosmos, or gerberas in candy colors, feathers, rhinestones and beads, and lots of ribbons to help you. If you like, set each each table in a different candy color and have a fantasy centerpiece for each one.

Fill a vase with complementary colored jellybeans and fill the top with feathers instead of flowers. Sprinkle the flower heads around the table and scatter rhinestones around them. Set each place with a large leaf instead of a placemat to cement the whimsical theme. A few sparkly butterflies and dragonflies interspersed with crystals hanging from the ceiling, tree, or outdoor tent gives your imagination more room to play.

Light and fun food brings the whimsical theme in. Fruit sandwiches with cream cheese are a fun switch, as are unusual types of food like sweet tomato pies or avocado ice cream. You can go wild with the menu here; the object is to use the usual ingredients in unusual ways to give you a new way of looking at them. If you suspect your guests are not that adventurous, finger sandwiches, petit fours, iced tea, and maybe a mixed fruit pavlova would be in keeping with the light and airy feel.

Whimsical baby shower games are more fun than competitive. For example, games like baby trivia that ask questions like, “How many diapers does a baby use in a year?” or “How big was the smallest baby ever born?” will get you wondering. Another game is more focused on teaching where the guests give the mommy-to-be the best, funniest, or most unusual piece of advice they have on taking care of babies or raising children. Recording this part of the baby shower may provide the new mother with precious knowledge later on.

A pinata in a fun shape (giant pacifier?) can be filled with candies, small baby items, and other small gifts to be broken at the end of the baby shower. Of course, the mommy-to-be gets first whack at the pinata and an extra chance to hit it. Give a prize to the guest that finally gets to smash it open.

A prettily colored Chinese take-out box can be embellished with silk flowers, feathers, and rhinestones and used to hold scented soaps shaped like candies or pastries. There are also candles in these shapes, too. Or, feathered pens could be a pretty choice for this whimsical baby shower, too.