A Thrilly-Frilly Barbie Baby Shower

Any girly mommy-to-be expecting her baby girl would be perfectly pleased with a Barbie baby shower. An all-pink and super feminine theme is just perfect for an intimate, all-girls gathering.

There are numerous Barbie invitations available commercially, so it would save you a lot of time and effort to just use one for the Barbie baby shower. There are even different Barbie themes you can choose from nowadays and you could even include all her friends, and even her baby sister, Kelly.

The obvious color choice is pink, of course. If you feel pink is not interesting enough, a classic Barbie combination is pink, purple, and white. You could also use pink, turquoise and yellow for a change, or pink, red, and silver for a more grown-up color scheme.

Be as girly as possible when setting the scene for this Barbie baby shower. Have bunches of pink balloons at the corners of the rooms and exchange the usual string for shiny pink ribbons. Attach a “collar” of curling ribbons in different shades of pink at the balloon's necks to add interest. For an unexpected touch, change the lightbulbs in the room to a soft pink.

Cover the tables in soft pink tablecloths and have a different table centerpiece by filling up a small fishbowl with crystal pebbles in all shades of pink and topping it with pink roses, carnations, and hydrangeas, fluffy pink feathers, and curling ribbon bouquets. Arrange white votive candles around the centerpiece and have them in glass holders of clear, pink, and fuschia. Sprinkle confetti and sequins all over the table. Set it with white plates and silver tableware for some relief but tie up the pink napkin with more colored ribbon and set in a small sprig of pink hydrangeas.

Decorate the buffet table in more pink! Have the tablecloth in a light pink and overcloths in darker pink. Use clear glass blocks to add sparkle and also to set the food platters at different height to add interest to the table. Serve the food from silver, crystal, or metal platters lined with white doilies to make it really girly. Spice up the table with sparks from more glass stones and sequins.

The highlight of the table should be an floral and feather arrangement with a stand in the middle for the ultimate Barbie cake. Bake or order a cake with a Barbie doll topper and Barbie's skirt another cake decorated as a pink ball gown. Accent the pink in the cake with sanding sugar to add sparkle and silver dragees.

The food at the Barbie baby shower should be pink, too! Start off with a refreshing salad of pomelo or pink grapefruit sections, Lollo Rosso lettuce, beet sticks, and red grape halves dressed in light vinaigrette. With accompaniments of smoked salmon and ham sandwiches and steamed shrimp with a thousand island dip, you'll have a light, but filling, meal. You could round this out with hot borscht if it's a chilly day. For dessert, French strawberry macaroons or homemade strawberry shortcake would be just perfect. You could also have a melange of fresh fruits like pink guava, strawberries, cherries, or watermelon in light lemon-flavored syrup. Served over ice, it's a terrific hot-weather dessert.

Favors for the Barbie baby shower could be a small collection of pink things – lip balm, rose hand cream, a small bag of pink jellybeans or gumdrops, and a pink keychain. Package it all in a sheer, pink, gift bag and tie up with more pink ribbons.