The Buzz Lightyear Party and Family Baby Shower

To Infinity and Beyond! Explore the endless adventures of the incoming baby with a Buzz Lightyear party and baby shower. This is a perfect theme when you're thinking of hosting a family shower and there will be a lot of little kids around and the mommy-to-be has older children herself.

Take advantage of all the Buzz Lightyear party invitations available commercially. It will definitely save you time and effort. If you don't find one that you like, it is simple enough to create one on your computer using the numerous images you can find online.

Use Buzz's colors of purple, green, and white as the scheme for this party/baby shower. The setting is usually in outer space, so consider changing the colors of the light bulbs in the party room to lavender and blue to give it that otherworldly feel. Decorate the room using posters of Buzz Lightyear and some of outer space. Add a standee of Buzz Lightyear if you can, it will add a lot to the party atmosphere. Add a few bunches of balloons in purple, green, and pearl white to the corners of the room. Break out those silver Christmas stars and hang them
from the ceiling.

Cover the tables in purple or green tablecloths. Have a Buzz Lightyear figure or one of the Little Green Men in the middle. Use green asters and purple hydrangeas as the bottom of an out-of-this-world arrangement. Sprinkle a bit of silver star confetti all over the centerpiece. Instead of candles, ring the arrangement with blinking, battery-powered Christmas lights. Use the same color scheme for the buffet table except to have the cake as the highlight. If possible, have the cake be Buzz's ship but a simple cake can be arranged with the Buzz Lightyear cake toppers.

For the food, have some authentic space food available along with earth food favorites. Have Tang (still the astronaut's drink till today), fizzy lemonade (lemonade with pop rocks) and fruit juice available. Mini pizzas, quesadilla slices with salsa, a green salad for the adults, and ham sandwiches cut into star shapes are great. Try out the astronaut's dessert with freeze-dried ice cream and you'll be orbiting in space in no time.

Have a Buzz with a game named Search in the Black Hole! Mommy's bags are notorious for being able to fit in everything and that theory will be proven at this Buzz Lightyear party/baby shower. Prepare a list of usual things (handkerchief, black cell phone, $5 bill, a penny) and more unusual things (pack of baby wipes, band-aid, cherry Chapstick, last year's grocery receipt, a subway token, a roll of tape, antihistamines) and call them out, alternating the more usual stuff with the unusual. Have the kids be the runners – the first child to bring you the item receives a small prize.

For an unforgettable favor for the kids and adults, pack a Buzz Lightyear mug with a bag of star gummies, pop rocks, and a star-shaped keychain along with a thank-you note on a purple star cutout.