Clothesline Baby Shower

If you are the expectant mother or the best friend of a mother to be you are likely looking forward to the celebration of the arrival of the baby through a baby shower. And, you are likely reading through your baby shower etiquette. Before going into detail of the baby shower, let’s go over a bit of the baby shower etiquette:

• The length of a baby shower is typically two hours.
• When guests arrive, greet them at the door.
• Welcome everyone will a spirited greeting and appreciation that they came.
• Recognize the expectant mother and make her the center of attention.
• Make introductions or have each guest introduce themselves to one another and comment on how they know the expectant mother.
• Serve snacks or appetizers and beverages to your guests.
• Play two to three baby shower games.
• Serve food or a baby shower cake.
• Make certain everyone is present when the mother opens her gifts.
• Have a list of all baby items the mother wants to receive for when guest ask what they should purchase.
• Have fun.
• When your guests depart, pass out your baby shower favors.

Now, to cover the fun stuff! The theme of the baby shower is very important. You will have many choices in a theme but one of the best selections is the clothesline baby shower theme. This is a theme that will rally much enthusiasm and bring a smile to the faces of the guests, along with a memorable touch in the expectant mother’s heart.

You will need to start with invitations and of course, decorate the home with clothesline baby decorations whether they are banners or balloons and centerpieces on the tablecloths. The decorations can be found through baby boutiques or on the Internet.

Prizes and favors will also be necessary. These two can be found in the baby boutiques and on the Internet. The clothesline baby shower has a wide variety of favors and selecting a few favorites will not be difficult.

Games are one of the great highlights of the baby shower and an area that each guest looks forward to. For ideas for games you can purchase a batch of clothespins and a baby bottle and see who can drop the most clothespins in the baby bottle and your can play a game of pin the clothes on the clothesline. Remember to have a special prize for the winner of each game.

Crafts during a baby shower are another idea. One idea is to purchase a baby t-shirt for each guest and allow them to paint the t-shirt for the expectant mother. This provides a lot of pleasure for the expectant mother, and gives the baby a bit more in the line of the wardrobe.

Ensure a wonderful day by following your baby shower etiquette, have plenty of food and beverages for your guests, include some enjoyable games and when the guests depart present them with a token of the day. Enjoy and have fun!