Score a Goal with a Hockey Baby Shower

What to do when the daddy-to-be's a rabid hockey fan and the mommy-to-be loves cheering at the ringside, too? Why, throw a hockey baby shower, of course.

This themed baby shower is not as popular as the other sports themes, which is a great way to ensure that your baby shower is going to be talked about for years to come! Create your own invitations here, using hockey themed clipart or by photoshopping the daddy-to-be's face onto his favorite hockey player's body. You can add a few lines like “We're having a baby, so we are the champions!” Ask the guests to come in their favorite team jerseys to make the mood more fun.

Decorate in the favorite team's colors, of course. Balloons and streamers make this very simple, and add hockey touches by putting up hockey posters on the walls and using hockey gear for added flavor. For example, a fun floral arrangement can be arranged in an upturned helmet. Use blue colored light bulbs. What else can you do to make the party area feel like a hockey rink?

And something that shouldn't even be mentioned – if it's time for the Stanley Cup, you will definitely be booed if you don't have a tv set up somewhere.

Drape white netting from the ceiling and let it reach the back of the buffet table to give it the feel of the goal. Use an iridescent or ice blue cloth to cover the table. Hockey-themed serving platters can be used to serve the food, or plain colored platters in the team colors will do as well. Scatter some clear glass stones around to make the whole table sparkle.

Set the tables with ice-blue cloth also and make your centerpieces in the team colors. Use pennants to center the arrangement and fill it out with flowers in their colors. For example, this ties in well if the parents-to-be are great fans of the Toronto Maple Leafs. Let that blue and white pennant fly high and proud and surround it with white gerberas, white baby's breath, and touches of light blue hydrangeas. Make that table sparkle with clear glass stones, white and blue rhinestones, and iridescent confetti.

Have a hearty and casual meal. Serve a thick, hot chili or a stick-to-your-ribs stew with biscuits or cornbread. Round out the meal with finger food like mini pizzas, chicken nuggets or Buffalo Wings, and vegetable sticks with a dip. Of course, make popcorn and potato chips the snacks of choice, and serve them in upturned hockey helmets.

And don’t forget to get a nice cake! A terrific cake could be based on a hockey rink or an easier one is based on a hockey puck. Use a round chocolate cake and ice it perfectly using the darkest chocolate icing you can buy or make. Then, use decorator icing to put on the logo of your favorite hockey team. Goal!

For favors, think out of the box as well. Why not make life-sized chocolate hockey pucks? They're simple and definitely will keep you within your budget.