Baby Rattle Themed Baby Shower

So you've decided on the theme for your baby shower, now you just don't know what to do with it. Baby rattles can be a tricky thing to make into a theme for a baby shower, so here's a few ideas to help you pull it off.


Rattles come in all kinds of shapes these days, so you can be pretty creative with this. Maybe you could even involve your kids and turn it into a family project. The easiest, and probably cheapest, way to get the decorations is probably to make them yourself. You could look around and buy them, but that may prove difficult. You can use construction paper, paint, crayons, colored pencils and pretty much anything else you can think of. Just cut out rattle shapes and glue, draw, or paint designs on them that remind you of baby. If you know the gender of the baby, you can even stick with that. Once you've got a color scheme going on, continue that with streamers and candles. You could even incorporate actual rattles into decorations to weigh down balloons or even as part of the cake decoration.


You could get a plain cake with a rattle drawn on it in icing, and a lot of people probably would do that. But you want to stand out and you want your friends to remember this baby shower as one of the most memorable and happiest days, especially for the mom-to-be. So why not go all out and take an extra step? Bake enough cupcakes for everyone, ice them to look like the noise-maker part of the rattle. Next, take some lollipop sticks (you can get these at most craft stores) and push them into gummy candies at the bottom. Tie a bow of ribbon around the center, and push the top into the side of the cupcakes to make them look like a rattle. And be sure to provide favors for the guests like these baby rattle candies.


Request that everyone try to stick to the rattle theme with gifts. This doesn't mean that everyone needs to buy mom and baby a rattle – that could get a little ridiculous. Be inventive. Rattle wrapping paper, rattle cards, packaging that makes noise when you shake it (a smaller box with the gift insides, suspended inside a bigger box with some popcorn or plastic pieces to make noise), or any variation you can think of to stick with the theme.


Setup the playlist for the shower to include a large selection of songs that include the word “rattle” to stay with the theme. They don't all have to include it, but a majority should. Definitely throw in some of mom's favorites in there. Be careful which songs you choose though - “Shake, Rattle and Roll” by Joe Turner would probably be appropriate, but “Death Rattle” by Pantera would probably be a bad idea, unless of course, mommy's a metal head.

As you can see, there's a whole lot you can do with a baby rattle for the theme of your baby shower. Get creative, and try to have some fun with it. These are only a few ideas, feel free to use any of them and to come up with your own.