Baby on Board Baby Shower Theme

I saw a ship a-sailing and there was a little baby on it! If the parents-to-be of a sweet little baby love the sea, there's no better theme than a Baby on Board baby shower theme. Baby on board can also refer to a baby in a car.

For this nautical inspired shower, send invitations of the sea or a boat on the cover. Include a little poem about the baby sailing into the heart of the family or something to that effect. You could also send the invitations with a pack of lifesavers if you like. For the baby on board car theme, you can have the yellow baby on board sign at the front of the invite.

The perfect color combinations for this baby shower would be blue and white, although there's nothing wrong with having this as a theme for a girl and using red and white. Choose a central symbol to decorate around like a lifesaver, a boat, anchors, or even a sailor hat. Why not use combinations of these as arrangements around the party area? For example, you can blow up rubber lifesavers and decorate them with miniature balloons topped with a sailor hat instead of a ribbon. Or, incorporate a baby symbol into the décor like a duckling in a sailor cap.

Set each table in a plethora of blue and white. Use striped blue and white tablecloths and accent them with plain white plates and napkins tied with blue ribbons. In the center of the tables, place a plastic bath toy like a boat and fill it with a small bouquet of flowers. Let the boat sail on blue and white glass stones to simulate water and you're done.

For the buffet table, cover it in a plain white cloth and a blue topper. As the centerpiece, why not cut out an anchor out of styrofoam board and use that? Decorate it with a lei of blue and white flowers and set the sailor cap on it on an jaunty angle. Use white platters to serve your food and scatter more blue and white rocks around the plates.

While fish and chips and the British Navy's bangers and mash (sausages and mashed potatoes) come to mind when thinking of nautical food, you could also put some more interesting stuff there as well. Why not have some pasta served with marinara sauce? Or simple steamed shrimp with cocktail sauce? And to play on the theme some more, have a spinach gratin on hand to channel Popeye! It's not a yo-ho-ho and a bottle of rum for drinks but give a toast to the Limeys with nice chilled limeade along with the soda and other juices you have to offer.

Of course you need a cake here! It could be in the flavor that the mommy-to-be wants but have it nautically inspired. Why not show more of the baby on board baby shower theme by having a duckling in a sailor cap on top of the cake? Decorate it all around with gummy fish and sea life. In an aqua blue, blue, and white theme, it's difficult not to like this watery cake!

For the baby on board shower favors, keep it to the nautical theme by giving a selection of gummy fish or a little packet of lifesavers. A terrific option would be to give a bottle of blue-tinted bath salts and a blue candle in an ocean scent. Some places carry baby on board car signs and similarly themed favors as well.