Duck Baby Shower

Nothing is more adorable than a duck. And, aside from the stork, for a baby shower it is one of the most popular themes. Baby showers are a time of special celebration for the expectant mother, family and friends, and are a tradition when expecting a newborn baby. It is one of the most enjoyed days in the mother-to-be’s life along with family and friends, as special guests gather to present the mother with presents for her baby. Baby shower etiquette should be followed, as there are a few things that are necessary, such as the standard length of time of the baby shower- which should be around two hours.

The baby shower is normally hosted by the best friend or a close relative. And, there is much preparation to the baby shower as invitations, decorations, foods and beverages, games, favors and prizes need to be planned. It is also vital for the host to get a list of gifts in which inquiring gifts can bring for the baby- which should include every price range from low to high.

The duck baby shower theme is one that is very popular among themes. From the beginning plans of the baby shower such as the invitations, the theme should follow. Send each guest a duck baby shower invitation at least three weeks prior to the shower. Once you have mailed the invitations you will need to begin other preparations, although guest count will still be necessary for planning on the quantities of supplies.

Decorations such as balloons and centerpieces will be necessary to decorate the atmosphere with and can be found, just as all supplies through baby boutiques, party supply stores and on the Internet- which is likely your best choice when it comes to price and selection.

Plan on playing two or three games during the baby shower. Games are one of the highlights of the baby shower and the winners of the games should receive prizes. The games should be something that includes a duck, such as fishing for the most ducks, seeing how many words can be written from the word duck, or seeing who can draw the best duck.

Food such as snacks and appetizers should be served to your guests with beverages. This does not need to be fancy, but it should be presentable and served on paper plates with the duck theme and include matching napkins.

When it is time for the expectant mother to open her presents, which is normally after the games but before the cake, make sure that all guests are gathered around and that someone is recording who each present came from for the mother-to-be to later write thank you notes.

When it is time for the guests to leave, be certain to have a special token for each guest. The supply outlets will have a number of special favors that are themed around the duck which are fairly affordable.

Remember, this is a day of celebration and it is necessary to prepare to ensure that you are able to enjoy the day.