Putting together a care bear baby shower theme

The Care Bears were originally designed for use on greeting cards, but these little creatures quickly grew into their own franchise. Celebrate a new addition to the family with a fun and playful Care Bear baby shower theme that takes full advantage of the popularity of these characters.

For awhile it seemed as if you could find Care Bears on just about anything. Many people grew up with these stuffies in their lives, watching the movies and playing with the toys. They aren’t as popular now as they were in the 90s, but they still have plenty of fans. Many adults cherish them for nostalgic reasons. On top of that, they make a perfect theme for the baby’s room, being soft and cuddly bears.

To create a Care Bears themed party all you need to do is pick up some party supplies and entertainment based on these characters. There are lots of paper plates, cups, napkins and other paper goods with their images featured. Additional, decoration such as streamers, banners and balloons in the colors of your favorite Care Bears will help set the atmosphere.

The Different Characters and Colors
There are several Care Bears to choose from for your party. The original characters are bedtime bear, birthday bear, cheer bear, friend bear, funshine bear, funshine bear, good luck bear, grumpy bear, love-a-lot bear, tenderheart bear, and wish bear. In later films and the cartoon series many more characters were added and became regulars, but it’s too numerous to mention them all.

Care bears come in all colors and with different ways of helping people. Consider setting your party decorations around their predominate colors which tend to be; pink, blue, green and occasionally yellow. Many stores sell paper goods and party supplies in solid colors so feel freed to mix and match to create a multi-colored effect.

Care bears also have symbols on their tummies that hint at what they do best. For instance; sleepy time bear has a sleeping crescent moon on his belly and love-a-lot bear has two intertwined heart symbols outlined in pink and yellow. A round cake with the symbol of your favorite Care Bears decorated on the front would make a cute addition to the buffet table.

Don’t forget to place plenty of Care Bears teddy bears around your Care Bears baby shower themed event. Buy party supplies with the characters on them and use decorations in the most common character colors to complete the atmosphere. Last of all, sit the mom-to-be down for some cake and open plenty of presents.