How to Choose a Baby Shower Theme

In some cultures, women choose to have their baby shower while they are still pregnant. In other cultures, it is considered bad luck to introduce the baby to the world until after the child is born. Whichever practice you adhere to, the introduction of your child to the child’s new friends and family members is one of the most exciting events in a new mother’s life. The notion of a baby shower began back in ancient times where the women got together to bestow handmade gifts upon the newborn child. The baby shower as we know it today found its origins just after the Second World War. During this time women only came to celebrate the birth of the newborn child. Today, both men and women alike are invited to partake in the festivities. So now that you are ready to introduce your child to the world, whether they have been born or not quite just yet, the big question is, “What will the theme be of your baby shower?” The answer is that it is up to you. The theme of your baby shower can be something cute and cuddly, it can reflect your dreams and aspirations for the child or it can follow your family’s cultural traditions.

Some women choose to go the cute and cuddly route when selecting a theme to introduce their new little boy or little girl. There are gender specific animal themes such as lions and tigers for newborn boys or bunnies and lambs for newborn girls. There are also cute and cuddly animal themes that are generic enough and can be used for either sex baby if the woman having the baby shower does not yet know the sex of her child. There are plenty of websites on the internet that can help you select the types of stuffed animals and the color themes that best suit your child. You may choose to go the traditional route of blue for boys, pink for girls, or yellow for a unisex theme.

Some mothers-to-be choose to express their dreams and aspirations for their child by hosting a baby shower with such a theme. If the woman is having a boy she may choose to have a baby shower theme that revolves around certain sports or professions. The mother-to-be can choose from astronauts to firefighter, doctors to baseball stars. If the new mother is having a daughter she can decorate for her bridal shower with a princess theme, a ballet dancer theme, or yes, even a doctor theme.

Another theme option for baby showers is cultural traditions. This is a great way to introduce your new child into the family’s cultures and a way for you to learn more about your heritage. Different cultures have certain colors and activities that apply to baby showers. For instance, the Chinese culture denotes the color red for good luck.

Whatever theme you choose to introduce your child to the world, make sure it comes from your heart. This is a time when both you and the child should be celebrated and should celebrate the beauty of life and birth.