A Comforting Nursery-Themed Baby Shower

What comes to mind when thinking of the word “baby?” Isn't it usually a little angel nestled in a crib fast asleep in dreamland? That's why a baby shower with a nursery theme is perfect. This baby shower focuses on totally outfitting the new nursery and helping the little darling get a good night's sleep.

The first thing that you need to do when planning a baby shower like this is to ask the mommy-to-be if she has a certain theme in mind for the nursery. If you're not following the color scheme or theme, just mention the mother's choice in your invitations so the guests can purchase their gifts accordingly.

Dream nurseries are usually outfitted in dreamy, light colors, much like the colors of pastel Easter eggs or Jordan almonds. You could plan the nursery themed baby shower along those lines, too. If these color combinations are too “sleepy” for you (this is a party, after all), combine one of the lighter colors with a deeper, brighter one. For example, you could combine a creamy, buttery yellow with a brighter, deep turquoise to make the baby shower a little livelier.

Pick an invitation to announce the theme of the party; a crib or a bassinet is a terrific symbol to choose. You could also pick one of those old-fashioned illustrations of babies sleeping swaddled in blankets. Anything cozy is ideal.

Next, transform your party room into a nursery for grown-ups. Soft and cushion-y should be your goal here. Have a bunch of pillows lying around. Add some sheers to your windows and hold them back with large satin bows still in the same color scheme. Tone down the lights if you can, you want the room to feel as cool and subdued as possible.

Have some more sheers available for decorating over at the food table. Thread the sheers through half a plastic hula hoop and suspend it from the ceiling near the wall that backs the table. Another big bow at the center of the “coronet” will finish it off nicely. Spread out the sheers to mimic the netting that usually hangs over a crib.

Use light and airy flowers for this type of centerpiece. Little baby asters, baby's breath, or even miniature roses. Don't mass the flowers together, however. Leave them some space to breath to capture the feeling of airiness that you are after.

For the food – stick to the light stuff. A pot of white tea, for example, squares of white or angel food cake with fresh fruit compote or a chocolate fondue complete with chunks of cake, crispy biscuits, and fruit chunks for dipping would be just right. Besides, what's a midnight snack without chocolate? Animal crackers and cocoa are a must, of course!

A nursery-themed game you can use is the Baby Things Memory Game where a tray full of assorted baby items is displayed and the guests are asked to list down everything they can remember.

A coordinating giveaway for this theme would be little chocolate lollipops in rattle shapes or those candy pacifiers with yet another coordinating bow attached.