Bring a Bit of Wonder with the Alice In Wonderland Baby Shower

Pregnancy is a period when mothers-to-be are often left wondering about life and all its unexpected twists and turns. A great way to play that up and also reassure the expecting mother is to throw her an Alice in Wonderland baby shower.

Inspired by the little “Drink Me” bottle, you can make a very original invitation by printing out your invites and rolling them up inside a little baby bottle. Add a tag that says “Open Me” to finish it off very nicely.

There are many elements in the classic book that you can echo when setting up the Alice in Wonderland baby shower. You could choose to recreate the Queen of Heart's garden, the Flower Bed, the White Rabbit's House or even the Mad Hatter's Unbirthday Tea Party. A bevy of colors used for steamers and balloons help flesh out the “Wonderland” look.

Have a large mirror hanging somewhere in the room to reference “Through the Looking Glass.” Hang giant playing cards on the walls and place a very large clock in a prominent place. And placing an irregular circle of dark brown or black paper near the entrance is enough to represent the White Rabbit's rabbit hole.

Beg or borrow as many teapots as you can to use as centerpieces for the table. Fill the teapots with different kinds of garden flowers for a very easy arrangement. If you can hang signs over the table that says “This Way,” “That Way,” “Nowhere,” and “Somewhere” it will be a really fun accent.

Have tea party food for this baby shower, of course. Food that could reflect the Alice in Wonderland baby shower theme could be heart-shaped cookies iced in red frosting or sandwiched together with strawberry jam, scones or biscuits, sandwiches, and a choice of iced tea, hot tea, and hot chocolate. Scatter the table with little signs that say “Eat Me” and “Drink Me.”

A cake is mandatory for a tea party and you could really play with this element. You could do a giant tea pot (bake the cakes in 2 bowls of the same size and sandwich them together with icing. Decorate with more icing and use foam cutouts to form the handle and spout. Accent the cake with fresh, organic flowers if you like. Be very sure that the flowers have not been sprayed! Or you could use sugar flowers instead. Another different form would be making a giant mushroom (three layers and the bowl-shaped cake) surrounded with flowers and topped with a caterpillar.

Games that echo the Alice in Wonderland baby shower theme would be indoor or lawn croquet using hedgehog plushies instead of balls, and pink mallets to represent flamingos. A fun game is a race to paint the roses red. The first one who completely paints a white fabric rose red is the winner. You could give gag prizes for the sloppiest painters (like baby wipes, for example).

There are many choices of favors and prizes that you can give, from teabags, to tiny teapots, teacup sets, Walt Disney “Alice in Wonderland items, and products based on the Tim Burton movie.