Have a Hello Kitty Baby Shower!

Celebrate the sweetest little baby girl with a Hello Kitty baby shower! A great theme if the mommy-to-be loves the anime stuff, this little kitty is a sweet way to welcome a new baby into the family. And don't despair if the baby is a boy, you can always change it to Kitty's male counterpart, Dear Daniel.

There are numerous Hello Kitty baby shower invitations that you can use for this baby shower. You can choose to buy one or also print one from the many graphics of Hello Kitty found online. You can ask the guests to come in anime-inspired costumes, if they are willing to drop their reserve and be silly for a few hours.

Dress the party area in happy colors of pink, yellow, and lime. Balloons in these colors can be used to decorate the perimeter of the party area. Use ribbons instead of string to make it more cutesy; and swath the area in paper streamers in the party colors. Collect as many stuffed toys of Hello Kitty as you can and scatter them all over the room. Place topiaries in the room and accent them with pink fairy lights. Hang pink and white Chinese paper lanterns on the ceiling of the room.

Cover each table with a pink and white tablecloth and have a round goldfish bowl in the middle of the table. Fill it with pink-tinted water and top off the arrangement with pink daisies and gerberas. Scatter pink and white glass pebbles around the arrangement to complete the centerpiece. Set the table with plain pink plates and use pink tableware as well. Tie a pink napkin with a pink ribbon bow and set it on the plate. Create huge pink bows with crepe paper and use it to decorate the sides of the tables.

Use a pink and white tablecloth on the buffet, too. As a centerpiece, find a large plush toy of Kitty to stand guard over the food and set her in a field of pink tissue paper flowers. Serve all the food on white plates to let it stand out from all the pink. Scatter pink flower heads around the food platters as more decoration.

It's great if you can serve pink food with this Hello Kitty baby shower. Why not have smoked salmon or salmon salad sandwiches, ham salad with tomato pasta, cherry tomatoes and baby mozzarella balls, and strawberry pastries for dessert. As a beverage, you can offer pink lemonade or a Shirley Temple in a martini glass with a maraschino cherry garnish and rose wine for those that request alcohol.

You should definitely have a cake for this Hello Kitty baby shower. A pink and white cake is best, and as Kitty loves strawberries, why not have a strawberry cake? Decorate the top of the cake with fresh strawberries and organic pink roses in true Kitty style. Cover the sides of the cake with twisted strawberry and vanilla marshmallow sticks and your cake will start to look like it came straight out of the anime.

As favors, hand out a pack of pink and white marshmallows, a small bottle of cologne, and a Hello Kitty pen. Cuteness is in order for the day!