Get the Green Light with this Race Car Baby Shower

Get your motor running, head out on the highway ... what a great basis for a race car baby shower! If the daddy-to-be is a race car driver and loves the sport, it's a terrific way to get him and his friends to attend a baby shower without a girly theme.

For this race car baby shower, send the out race car themed invitations. Print out racing wheels on white card and cut them out. Write down the details of the race car baby shower on the other side and indicate that this invitation will be used as a lottery ticket during the baby shower. The price of admission to the lottery is one pack of diapers.

Use black and white décor all around the room and add red accents to that. At the entrance to the party area (give the guys their own space here), place two bunches of black and white balloons on either side of the door anchored to two milk cartons covered with black and white checkered paper. Inside, decorate the walls with racing posters, flags, and pennants. No need for balloons and streamers on the inside at all!

If there's a race going on, put the TV on to the sports channel and give them plenty of space to watch it. You can even create a little betting area near here if that's what they usually do. Make sure that each guest drops in his invitation into a container (maybe a clean, empty oil can?) for the prizes to be drawn later.

Decorate the buffet table with a black and white checked tablecloth. Use CLEAN and empty oil cans to build a pyramid at the end of the buffet table as a centerpiece. Serve all the food on round metal platters to echo the wheel centers. A nice touch would be to set a few toy race cars among the platters.

That much said, be sure they have enough food and drinks to last through the race. Have heavy, hearty food like macaroni and cheese or potato salad, Buffalo Wings, oven-baked spare ribs, hoagies, and oven baked fries with ranch dip. Fill a tub with ice and stick cans of chilled beer and soda in it. Have bowls of popcorn and chips and dip accessible to everyone.

Guys enjoy dessert, too, but scratch the cute stuff. Generous sized brownies, a selection of doughnuts, and a choice of vanilla and Rocky Road ice cream will have them admitting that their sweet tooth exists.

Prizes for the lottery can be drawn right after the race, since this would be the agreed-on time that the wives could invade the guys' area. The prizes could consist of plastic visors that the guests can decorate however they want. Other prizes could be beer can caddies and bottle openers.

For party favors, there are race car themed candles and cookies, or if you don’t want favors, you can just make sure that everyone gets at least one prize and you're done.