Rocking Horse Baby Shower Theme

Think Southwest for the Rocking Horse baby shower. Get out your cowboy hats and get ready for a trip to the Old West, baby style.


Rocking horses make little boys' cowboy and indian fantasies come to life, so with this theme, that's your job. Decorate with cowboy hats, cacti, spurs, boots and anything else that makes you think cowboys and indians. Teepees for placeholders on tables, and if you can hold the party somewhere that makes you think of an old west saloon, that would be a great setting for your rocking horse themed baby shower.

Of course, don't forget there should be rocking horses incorporated with all the other options you've got. String them in blue or pink favors if you know the gender of the baby, or in alternating colors if you don't. Also, if you can find (or build) one of the old-time wooden rocking horses, and sit it near the cake (or mom-to-be).


Stick with the basics here, it'll be easy and fairly inexpensive. For a starter, you can go with chips and salsa, maybe throw in a little queso dip for those who aren't a big fan of salsa. Taquitos make great finger foods too. For your main course, you can't go wrong with tacos and burritos, and maybe throw in some enchiladas.

Think Tex-mex for the menu. Pretty much anything goes here – and you can compliment your meal with a cold beer (or root beer).

A party would not be complete without a themed cake. You could cut a cake to look like a rocking horse, or even probably find a rocking horse cake pan. Remember to try to decorate it in appropriate colors either matching the party's theme or the gender of the child.


Puts western style spin on traditional baby shower games. Divide everyone into teams to design a western maternity outfit, or you could put a taco-meat spin on the “Guess What's In the Diaper” game. And what southwestern party would be complete without a pinata? For a little added fun, you could request that guests show up in costume – as cowboys, barmaids, dad could come as the Sheriff – you get the idea.


Invitations should be bought or made to look like a rocking horse. You could add a little old west flair to the invitations with the language of the time or a “WANTED” poster with the names of those invited, and maybe even a picture. Don't forget to ask them to dress up like cowboys and girls for the themed