Sports Baby Shower

The sports baby shower is definitely a baby shower most often than not, for a boy. And, for just cause, it is typically the boy that is in to balls and bats. It is also likely one of the most exciting baby showers that you can have for an expectant boy, as it truly represents what a boy is to be.

The sports baby shower is one that many who are particular fans of one team or another, or one sport or another represent their favorites through the decoration of the party. It is a theme that can be of balls, bats, football, soccer, horses, just anything that evolves around sports.

If you are the host of baby shower and you are planning on a sports theme, likely the parents have given you all the particulars in what they would like. It still can be somewhat confusing however. Baby shower are a true planning from start to finish, as they like anything else can fail without proper planning. You definitely want to study your baby shower etiquette and be prepared for the unexpected. Which there really isn’t much of, except for the guests asking for cake to bring home!

Start with your invitation list and get them out to your guests at least four weeks in advance. Once you have the guest list count than you will be prepared to start planning. You will definitely want to decide on your décor. The nice thing about the sports baby shower theme is you will have an abundant supply of favors and decorations to choose from. You may choose to decorate the house with balloons and banners, or you may decide to go strictly table centerpieces. However, for the baby shower it is nice to have a combination of both.

Begin with centering around one theme and stick to that theme. You decorate the table with place clothes that are either sports themed or the color of the sport in which the theme is around. You will also want to choose decorations such as balloons and banners. Centerpieces for the table and little gifts that the expectant mother can take home, such as a real football or basketball. And, the games should all be sports related. If you are having a basketball theme, than you can do games such as pin the ball in the basket. Or for a football theme, your can do pin the football over the goalpost. You can also make little bean bag balls in which your drop into a bottle to see who gets the most.

And, for food, you definitely want cake. And, the cake should be no other than the sport of the sports themed baby shower. This will be a hit. Remember also, that you will need to allow enough cake for guests that ask for some to take home and for the expectant mother to take some home to her husband and freeze in the freezer as a memory of the day. You will also want to ensure that each guest have a favor, such as a football, from the shower that reminds them of the day for years to come. This is where the sports baby shower can get really fun, as you can give key chains, candles or nearly anything related to the sport. Good luck and enjoy!