A Pre-football Tailgating Baby Shower

One event that's become a tradition during the football season is tailgating. What a perfect way to celebrate a baby shower for a mommy-to-be and a daddy-to-be during the playoffs!

This couple’s baby shower theme is fun all around. Send out invitations shaped like footballs or ones printed like invitations to a football game. You can easily order personalized ones online or print them out yourself. These can also serve as a lottery for door prizes throughout the baby shower – like when the games go to commercials. Just print each ticket with a unique number, jot down a unique number, or have each guest write down their names as they come in and drop them in a container. You can also ask the couples to come in football jerseys.

A great color scheme would definitely be green and white, Packers fans or not! Have bunches of dark green, light green, and white balloons in the corners of the room and decorate bunches with coordinating curling ribbons. Hang up football-shaped paper lanterns on the ceiling and intersperse them with football hanging swirl decorations. Scatter a few foam footballs around for the guests to toss and throw. Hang up a few football-themed posters, if you have them.

Perhaps you shouldn't use cloth tablecloths here; a great alternative would be a plain green paper cloth or one with a football theme. Create a centerpiece using football suckers, football-shaped chocolates, and noisemakers of all sorts like football clappers, horns, and whistles.

Decorate your buffet table with astroturf or a green tablecloth. Use football themed serving dishes here. Football-shaped plastic serving platters can hold warm or saucy food while dry food can even be served in an upturned football helmet.

Think tailgate for this menu. Emeril has a Manly Man Tailgate Party menu, but you can go classic and serve finger food like pigs in blankets, steak and onion sandwiches, chili, chips and a variety of dips, Buffalo Wings, or even a hearty gumbo. Serve your drinks from an ice packed cooler and have beer, sodas, and iced tea or canned juices available.

And why not have a cake here? An easy cake to make yourself is a sheet cake decorated as a football field. Either swirl on green frosting or use desiccated coconut tinted green over a thinly spread frosting. Lay a chocolate football on top of the cake and pretzels dipped in white chocolate or royal icing and “glued” together to make goal posts and white decorator frosting for the yard lines.

Throughout the baby shower, draw tickets for the door prizes. They can be as simple as sports bracelets like Ballers, beer can covers made of artificial turf, football sipper cups, football tattoos, football mini pins, sports charm bracelets, or trading cards.

And for favors, a bag of football shaped candies (chocolates, gummies, buttermints, lemon drops) all packed into a football-themed mug provide the perfect sugar rush for the next game. This football baby shower will definitely be a touchdown!