Have a Cute as a Button Baby Shower

Themes are important for baby showers since it helps the people organizing the event well organized. It is also one great way to keep things looking well-put together. All the organizer has to do is to keep the décor, the colors and the food in keeping with the theme and all will be well. You have to know that there are thousands of themes that you can select from but you will have to choose just one. Or you may also choose a theme that allows you to incorporate several themes at one. This goes for themes that are not very strict with color coordination. Imagine if you chose a pink panther theme for a baby boy? That is kind of awkward so you might just want to go for a lion theme instead. Really think about it, a pink panther theme for a baby boy? It is sort or weird but of you want to break some traditional gender rules then by all means you go ahead with that theme.

But if you want a theme that can work for a baby boy or a baby girl, you should try a cute as a button baby shower theme. This is the sort of theme that can be used whatever the sex of the baby and you can also incorporate other elements in it. It is not very strict so if you want to add something that is not a button, make sure it is at least as cute as a button. That will work just fine with the cute as a button baby shower theme that you planned on.

As usual, with these themed parties, you start with the invitations. You can make cute as a button invitations by yourself and it will not take much. First thing you will need are buttons; pink for a baby girl and blue for a baby boy, you may choose a gender-neutral color if you have no idea of the sex of the baby. You should also have some specialty paper with you. What you will do is open a blank document on your computer and type in the words in the font that you like. Print it out and glue the button on the top of that paper. You now have your invitation. Of course you can have an easier time if you just buy button themed invitations but that is up to you.

Next is your cake, you can find cute as a button themes cakes online that you can follow and serve on your baby shower. It can also serve as a centerpiece for the buffet table. Next, buy buttons in the color of your choice. Buy a lot of buttons in all shapes and sizes. Put them in a clear glass bowl and use them for your centerpieces by sticking a flower in the button-filled bowl. As for your food, you can buy some button-shaped chocolates online. They are not expensive but they are very cute indeed. You can also make cookies that look like buttons.

For your party favors, you may purchase some button shaped soap and give them to your guests. You can also opt for small picture frames that are decorated with buttons.