Hit a Home Run with a Baseball Baby Shower!

Take the daddy-to-be out to the ball game with a baseball baby shower. While this is a perfect theme for a baby shower for a baby boy, or a couples or family shower for the family that are devoted football fans, it's also a great theme for an all-boys shower, an alternative to letting the guys get bored during the baby shower, especially when it's during the World Series.

Create separate invitations for the boys with a baseball themed invite. A great type of invitation is based on a ticket to a baseball game where a pack of diapers is your entry fee. Personalized invitations can be ordered off the net, or you can make them yourself if you're handy with a desktop publishing program. No ticket, no diapers, no entry!

Create a stub on one side of the ticket that the guys can use to win prizes later on in the baby shower. Once they've filled in their names, they drop it in an opaque container to be drawn later. Plan for some fun small prizes – a can of beer, a gift certificate for one home-delivered pizza, baseball cards, or even a gag gift like a tube of Bengay.

Use the colors of the team they are supporting to decorate the room. If the guests support more than one team, you could be diplomatic and scatter their logos around the room or just use red, blue, and white to represent the colors of Major League Baseball. A few balloons in red, white, and blue in one corner makes the mood more festive. Don't overdo, this is a guy's baby shower.

Do something different and cover the buffet table with artificial turf and hang a sign that says “Concessions” over the table. Use big white bowls and round plates to serve the food. You could get cutesie baseball-printed paper plates but guys would probably appreciate the big, heavy plates more than ones that bend when loaded with food.

Serve “game” food: hotdogs (Make a hotdog bar to make things easy on yourself. All you need to do is set out a platter of dogs, another platter of buns, and bowls of condiments like ketchup, mustard, pickle relish, corn relish, chopped pickled or fresh onions, lettuce and tomatoes, grated cheese, and chili, if you like.), popcorn, peanuts, Cracker Jacks in their boxes, soft pretzels, onion rings, nachos and cheese dip, and French fries. Drinks should be icy cold beer, soft drinks in cans, and lemonade.

A nice touch is to put out a big plastic tub and fill it with ice. Submerge the chilled drink cans in the ice just before your guests arrive.

Of course, set out the tv and comfortable chairs for everyone. You can even set up a betting station to make it even more fun. Have a computer or laptop around for last-minute checks of stats and averages.

It's understood that the females will invade the male sanctuary after the game. Take that time to draw the lottery for the tickets. After the bets are settled, it's game over!