Get Looney with the Bugs Bunny Baby Shower

Everyone loves that “wascally wabbit” for his quick wit and off-the-wall sense of humor. He is a favorite of both young and old, which makes the Bugs Bunny baby shower a perfect theme for a couples and family baby shower. Now comes the hard choice – will you focus on the adult Bugs or baby Bugs?

There are literally thousands of commercial Bugs Bunny invitations at party supply stores. Take advantage of those in order to save yourself the effort and the time. Although if you want to make your own invitations, make a carrot from orange and green construction paper and print the details of the baby shower on. Add a Bugs Bunny sticker at the back to drive home the point that this baby shower is not about just any old wabbit.

Have some posters of Bugs Bunny tacked up on the walls and then “frame” them with a cardboard frame with the details drawn in black pencil. You're trying to get it to look like those portraits hanging on the walls in the Looney Tunes cartoons. Decorate the party area in primary colors plus orange and green for the carrots. Have a lot of balloon bunches and streamers around the party room.

Use primary colors for the tablecloths, too but stick to orange for the plates and tableware. Have a simple little bowl of orange gerberas as the centerpiece and sprinkle orange and green sequins around it.

Extend the color scheme to the buffet table as well. Look for a large plush Bugs Bunny to be the highlight of the buffet table and surround him with bunches of fresh baby carrots and more orange gerberas. A bunch of different colored balloons floating above him add to the cartoon-y effect.

Stick to the healthy food for the main meal and then splurge on dessert! Have a platter of carrot, cucumber, celery and sweet pepper sticks with a light dip in the middle of the platter. Miniature pizzas, finger sandwiches, and assorted fresh fruit keeps the meal light but satisfying.

Then for the dessert. Carrot cupcakes with cream cheese frosting and those little candy carrots are perfect for the Bugs Bunny baby shower. Arrange this in cupcake tree instead of a cake. Or if you or the mommy-to-be really want a cake, have a terrific carrot cake made and have Bugs be the topper in a mountain of candy carrots.

Have a Bugs Bunny baby shower trivia game with your friends. How much do you remember of your Saturday morning cartoon time? Gather as much trivia as you can on Bugs and his friends and have your friends take turns answering the questions. The one that answers the most questions correctly wins.

You could of course give Bugs Bunny theme-related favors for the Bugs Bunny baby shower. There are a lot of little practical things available like keychains and cell phone charms. You could also look for candies that you used to eat when you were kids. These are available for order on the internet. This little bag would scream “Blast from the Past” and may be the most talked about baby shower favor ever.