Celebrate Being a Babe with the Hot Mama Baby Shower!

When the mommy-to-be refuses to be boxed into a typical “mommy” stereotype, throw her a hot mama baby shower! This cute baby shower theme celebrates all the style and sexuality (oh yeah!) that comes with being a mom.

Let your guests know to check their insecurities at the door with the invitation to the hot mama baby shower. Choose an invitation that celebrates empowered, strong women that are also mothers. There are quite a lot of invitations that place the silhouette of a pregnant woman front and center – and that's the one that you should choose.

The perfect color scheme for this hot mama baby shower is red, and lots of it. To add some interest to this monochromatic color scheme, choose reds in bold, sassy textures like satins and brocades and temper it with touches of black and white. Nothing cutesy, homey and comfy here, everything should shout, “I'm proud to be female!”

Hang bunches of Chinese paper lanterns on the ceiling in different sizes in the chosen color scheme. From some of the bunches, have red, black, and white crystals hanging down into the room. Hang red and white fairy lights from the others. At various corners, group red palms together and cover the dirt on the pots with red glass pebbles and blinking red fairy lights. Set some side tables with cylindrical vases that have red and black stones on the bottom and red fish swimming inside.

The tables are another case of “in your face!” Cover them with a rich red damask and set white chairs all around. White plates and silverware with white napkins cinched in black and red baby ribbons adorn the tables. In the middle, set three cylindrical vases in varying heights and fill them with shiny red apples and top them with masses of bright red poppies. Set tealights in clear glass holders around the arrangement.

Set the buffet table the same way. Cover with more red damask and set a bare-branched tree in the middle of the table painted silver. Wind red fairy lights over the tree branches and decorate it with black and white glass and crystal ornaments. Sprinkle the table with red, black, and white rhinestones for tiny sparks of color. Serve the food on clear glass platters so as not to distract from the table.

As to the menu, feel free to go against the norm and serve hearty food rather than light bites. Or, go all out and prep a red and black food menu! For starters, appetizers of cherry tomatoes filled with cream cheese and sprinkled with black caviar are delicious. Then, serve a hearty salad of black and white beans with grilled sweet red peppers. Next, a tomato sauced pasta with black olives and savory meatballs. Last, serve decadent red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese frosting and shavings of bittersweet chocolate.

And there's no women's gathering that ends without cake. Again, throw caution (and diet) to the wind and celebrate all things woman with a decadent deep chocolate cake doused with coffee and lashed with real whipped cream. There's something there that would make anyone go “mmmmmmm.”

Let out your inner siren with the hot mama baby shower favors. A red hot lipstick or glaze, organic red nail polish (so the mommy-to-be can use some, too) and a potpourri of red rose petals packed into a black satin box will make terrific keepsakes of this special celebration. Go Mama!