Have a Dazzling Baby Shower with a Twilight/Renesme Baby Shower

Over the past few years, there has been no written or filmed series as popular as Twilight. This modern fairy tale has captured the minds of young and old alike, and is the perfect theme to offer a mommy-to-be that is a diehard Twifan. A great advantage is that the Twilight baby shower can be a generic baby shower for either a boy or a girl and a Renesme baby shower is perfect for that much-awaited baby girl.

There are covers of the books that can be downloaded online and this would be perfect for the Twilight baby shower. You will have to create your own invitations for this baby shower theme since there are none commercially available. For the Renesme baby shower, a perfect cover for the invitation would be a chess piece – the White Queen. Ask your guests to come dressed in red, black, or white or as their favorite Twilight character.

The color scheme for this Twilight baby shower would have to be red, black, and white, like all the covers of the books. Incorporate shiny red apples, red candles, and roses, too, to give it that perfect Twilight touch. Have some movie posters around, but cut off the titles and frame them to look like portraits.

To make your balloons look different, use only pearlized red, white and black. Cut cellophane should be used to make the streamers instead of plain crepe paper ones. Bunch these up and use them on the ceiling like chandeliers instead of in the corners of the walls. Use a lot of candles, white vigil candles in red glass candle holders and red wax tapers set into white and black glass pebbles in a clear glass vase. Have firefly lights lighting up little topiary trees placed all around the party area.

On each table, throw on a black tablecloth. Center a chessboard on the table and top with a cut glass bowl filled with red apples used to hold baby pink and blood-red roses up. Twist some lengths or red ribbon and drape them around the centerpiece. Instead of chess pieces, have tiny tealights in clear and red glass holders placed on the chessboard. Set the table with white plates and use red cloth napkins and silver utensils.

For the food table, serve the food on shiny metal or clear glass platters. Drape the table in a white tablecloth and use clear glass blocks to elevate the platters, if needed. Dot the table with tealights and scatter glass pebbles and white, red, and pink rhinestones around. For the centerpiece, have a large silver bowl brimming over with baby pink and blood red roses, pink parrot tulips, and bunches of orange blossoms.

For the food, you would obviously have mushroom ravioli, garlic bread, a great mixed green salad with chopped apples, and strawberries and cherries dipped in dark and white chocolate for dessert.

For drinks, have a large black plastic tub filled with ice and cans of Coke. You could also make a red punch using strawberry and blood orange juice, apple cider, and sparkling water with an ice ring floating in it filled with whole strawberries, whole cherries, whole red and black raspberries, and organic red rose petals.

For the favors, a clear cellophane bag filled with bone-shaped chocolate chip cookies (werewolf kibble) and a shiny pink lip balm would be perfect. Tie it up with a satiny red ribbon and tuck a pink rosebud into the bow.