Throw a Baby Shower with the ABC's!

If you're stumped as to the choice of theme for your next baby shower, why not have the ABC's? It's a very cute idea, especially when you ask your guests to dress according to their initial. So Rosanne would come in a red shirt with a big letter “R” printed on it. She could wear a rainbow scarf on her head if she liked, or simply pin a big, red rose in her hair.

Personalized invitations are the key here and your computer printer will be your best friend. Choose a stylized and pretty font to use as the basis of your theme and print each one's initial on the front of the invitation card. Put all the details of the party inside, including the instructions on how to dress for the baby shower. With luck, you should have an extremely colorful celebration.

For the decorations, keep things simple. Colors rule the day here but everything else should be unfussy. Instead of fancy streamers decked all over, settle for a simple clothesline hung over the food table with alphabet cutouts strung on them. You could cut the letters out of different pieces of colored card and simply tape them onto string that's tied onto the line or print letters onto card in rainbow colors and then cut out circles which would be strung on instead.

Fill the room with simple bouquets of gerberas or daisies in crayon colors and anchor balloons in a rainbow of colors in the corners of the room. The balloons could be decorated with letters as well, written on them with a felt-tip pen before they're blown up. A nice graphic touch would be to have cutouts of the letters in giant sizes on the walls of the room. They don't have to be the same size or colors, either.

At the center of each table, pile up alphabet blocks around a thin vase holding more rainbow flowers. You could tuck in a few blooms among the blocks, too. Instead of a place card, set a cookie in the shape of the guest's initial directly on their plate.

You don't need to make food starting with every letter in the alphabet! A simple spread of sandwiches cut out in letter shapes would be a nice touch, plus, if the weather allows it, a hearty bowl of alphabet soup. Have a selection of cookies in letter shapes iced in the same rainbow colors.

Why not make a cake out of baby blocks? Cut out squares of cake that you can cover with fondant or royal icing and then decorated with icing letters. You could also stick the cookies onto the sides of the cake. Arrange them in a pile on a pretty platter and it will be the center of attention on the food table.

And as favors, why not hand out bracelets decorated with alphabet beads that spell out the guest's name or initials? A miniature cake, this time with the mommy-to-be's initials on it, could also be a sweet and delicious baby shower favor for this ABC theme party.