You're Pregnant! Baby Shower Theme

Everybody loves a baby bump. Whether it's a celebrity's or it's your neighbor's, officemate's or sister's, no one can keep away from a pregnant belly. Why not host a baby shower that screams, “You're pregnant!” to the whole world? This is an especially happy theme when the parents-to-be have been trying very hard to have that little bundle of joy. Showcase that baby bump and let the world know the mommy-to-be's really happy!

Tell everybody about the pregnant baby shower theme with the invitations you choose. There are beautiful invitations there that feature silhouettes of mothers with their baby bumps. Or, if you have a beautiful picture of the mommy-to-be showcasing hers, use that as the cover! Have some wording inside that says something like, “Celebrating a Beautiful Baby Bump on a Beautiful Mommy!”

Preferably, the color scheme should be the mommy-to-be's favorite colors or a combination of her choices. Let's say that she goes all-out girly and chooses pea green, baby pink, and cream for her theme. Then you can choose circles as an icon to represent her bump. Choose perfectly round balloons in all three colors to decorate the party area. If you can find the ones with polka dots, that would look really pretty. Nix the streamers, though, to put all the focus on those round bumps. Set lollipop topiaries around the room and accent them with pink and green fairy lights.

Set the tables with a creamy cloth and run a green runner across it. Use cream plates and top them with pink napkins fixed like hobo bags and tied with pink and green dotted ribbon. You can use a bread roll or a peach to make the napkins perfectly round. Center little goldfish bowls on the table and fill with pink flowers in various hues. Gerberas are nice for their round shape! Accent them with silver dollar eucalyptus and you're done.

Set the buffet table with more creamy tablecloths and use the green runners to accent the dishes. To add interest, suspend pink balls of flowers (hot-glue artificial pink flowers into styrofoam balls spray-painted pink and then hung with a pale pink or pink and green ribbon) on top interspersed with hanging green and white crystals. Have candles in little round votive containers scattered around the cream food platters.

Concoct a delicious menu for this extra-special baby shower theme. A simple fruit salad concocted from whole red and green grapes, watermelon and honeydew balls, and strawberries is delicious served with thickened yogurt flavored with orange juice, unusual sandwiches like open-faced smoked salmon on rounds of toasted whole wheat bread topped with dill sauce and capers, chopped cherries mixed with cream cheese on cracker rounds and kiwi slivers topping a Nutella spread on crunchy toasted brioche. Serve that with a strawberry iced tea with frozen baby basil leaves in ice cubes.

For the cake, have two rounds swathed in creamy fondant and covered with pink and green dots. The topper would be a very pregnant lady dressed in pink and green! Surround this conversation starter with more of those little votive candles.

Your favors would also echo the fun “I'm Pregnant!” baby shower theme. Start off with Mounds repackaged in pink and green mini cupcake cases and put in a little round box. Top it off with ribbons with the pink and green dots and hang a rose-scented round sachet from the bow.