Cute as a Cupcake Baby Shower Theme

What can be cuter than a cupcake? Why a little baby, of course. That's probably why these little baby cakes are always associated with babies, too. And if you know that the newborn's going to be a cutie, why not have a cute as a cupcake baby shower theme?

There are a lot of invitations there with cupcakes as the cover. Why not send one as the invitation? Have the wording inside say something like, “There's a new baby in town and (he/she)'s just as cute as a cupcake!” If you want to make your own invitations, the best way to do that would be to use cutouts from card to make the cupcake base, another color cutout for the icing, and a little button-shaped card to make the cherry or chocolate niblet that often goes on top.

While you can create giant cupcakes to decorate your party area, there are also other things you can do to pretty up the place. Cupcakes usually come in pastel colors and these are a great choice for your color scheme. Decorate the area in a sea of pastel blues, greens, pinks, and yellows. Buy balloons in those colors and put them in bunches at the corners. A terrific way to welcome the guests would be to create “collars” for the balloons with pleated parchment paper and attached to the balloon using double sided tape. Float a bunch of these “cupcakes” at the entrance anchored to a pot filled with flowering plants.

Decorate each of the tables by using different colored tablecloths and white plates and napkins at each setting. Fold each napkin like a diaper and attach with a large diaper pin decorated with a large bow in the cupcake colors. Don't use a large centerpiece here but let each place setting have a small vase filled with tiny flowers like asters or miniature roses.

Cover the buffet table with a plain white cloth and use toppers of different pastel colors. Serve the food on pastel colored platters and scatter pastel petals or flower heads all around the platters. Elevate some of the platters by using books or other risers hidden under colored fabric. At the center of all these is the highlight, the giant cupcake.

Make the cupcake by using three or four cake rounds one on top of the other. Choose a really pretty rounded cake for the top and trim off the tops of the others to make a stable base. Sandwich the cakes together using frosting and three to five bamboo skewers for more stability. Trim the top to make it a bit rounder, if needed, and set it onto the base. Ice generously with creamy frosting and decorate with large sprinkles or flat sugar flowers as accents. Create a parchment paper collar like the ones for the balloon cupcakes and attach that around the cake. Top the cake with sparklers to make a statement later on in the celebration.

As favors, make cupcakes out of facecloths and package them prettily in printed cupcake holders topped with a pair of earrings or a pretty, sparkling clip. Simply fold one or two washcloths into quarters, and if using two cloths, put one on top of the other. Roll up tightly starting from one end to form a tight, short cylinder. Fasten one end with a safety pin and plop into a paper cupcake case.