Baby Shower Café Theme and Ideas

A baby shower café theme is definitely something that not a lot of people think about when they think of baby showers because pregnant women are not usually allowed to drink anything that has caffeine. They might not be allowed to drink coffee but you can be sure that pregnant women like coffee and plan to drink it again once they are allowed to. You will also be pleased to know that despite not being allowed to drink caffeinated beverages, they still enjoy the smell of a good cup of joe. If the father to be also loves coffee, then he will surely enjoy the baby shower as much as the mother to be will. If you choose this certain theme, make sure that your guests are in the mood to enjoy some great cups of coffee as well as a jolly good time.

The first thing that you will want to do is to send out invitations that clearly show your theme as a baby shower café. You can send invites that have a steaming cup of coffee printed in the background as well. You can print this on a light brown paper or you can choose white paper so that the print can be clearly seen. You may also send out invitations that are written on coffee-cup shaped stationary. You may even send out invitations that look like the menus of your favorite coffee shops. Whatever you choose your guests are sure to get the message anyway.

For your decorations, you will definitely want to throw in some brown since that is the color most often associated with coffee. Should the baby be a boy, you can throw in some blues to the mix as well; if the baby is a girl, you can substitute the shades of blue for different shades of pink. If the baby happens to be a boy, you can cover the head table with a blue table cloth and use tableware in colors of brown. You should then put a small cup of java right in front of each plate and dust the table with some brown confetti. For the guest tables, use brown tablecloths instead of blue and use blue tableware instead of brown and then you add small accent pieces like blue and brown centerpieces and some blue confetti sprinkled on the tables. To add to the café atmosphere, drape some blue and brown streamers all over the venue and put in some balloons in the same color.

For centerpieces, you can put coffee beans inside a big brown cup and place a single blue flower in the middle or you can choose to put little blue booties inside a coffee pot. For favors that you can give out, you may give your guests personalized ground coffee bags that they can enjoy for a couple of weeks after the shower. You may also give them gift cards to your favorite coffee shops should they want to spend a quiet afternoon sipping some amazingly brewed coffee.