Tea Party Baby Shower

Well, we are all familiar with tea parties. Whether we have played as a young girl entertaining our dolls with small cups and saucer or whether we have experienced them through the history books, tea parties have long been a time that is special, just among girls and women. And, likely one of the most popular reasons that the tea party baby shower is one of the most popular themes in a baby shower this year. The tea party baby shower is just that, a tea party, only instead of gathering and chatting with friends, it is the celebration of a new life. Probably one of the most magical baby showers of the year.

As with any baby shower, the tea party baby shower planning is the same. With, the exception that you will have cups and saucers for tea and some great selections of tea. This is a great baby shower when it comes to tokens or favors for the guests, as you can give tea bags with different information printed on it or just a picture. Or, even just the brand of tea. But for all those parents that know the names of their child already, they can put the date and the year of the birth.

Planning will include the guest list, invitations, party favors, cake, games, decorations, and favors. With the tea party baby shower theme you can select from a variety of favors. However, from the start, it is the best, as the invitations can be designed with cups of teas and a baby bottle as well. And, the food can be simple. You can serve cupcakes or biscuits or ice cream. The possibilities are endless. Which, the food is just one of the highlights of the table and the afternoon. You will also want to decorate using lace and elegant soft materials. These are easy to find and a good reason to get a few nice things that you normally would not purchase.

One of the highlights of the baby shower is the games. It is a time when everyone laughs and enjoys challenging one another. For the tea party baby shower you can enjoy a variety of games. You might consider choosing tea in which everyone could afterwards read the leaves of the tea in their cup- or at least what you think it might read, this would definitely be a fun time. You might also choose something where you could drop teabags into a baby bottle and see who gets the most. Whatever you choose, be creative, there is no right or wrong.

When the big day comes, be prepared, have everything set and a day that you can enjoy as well. This is a day to be shared among friends to celebrate a new life. And, with everything properly planned, even the host will be able to let their hair down and have a good time. Good luck and enjoy and make the day memorable, this is something that will long be appreciated by the new mother.