Sweet Pea Baby Shower

What a better representation for the two peas in a pod to show the life of their coming little sweet one than a sweet pea baby shower. This is definitely a hit among themes in 2010. And, for good reason, the scene is adorable. Colorfully decorated with green pea pods the theme is like a loving family. The newest pea in the pod. You likely immediately flash back to the Jolly Green Giant that we so loved and the corn. But, this is completely different, and the pea pond represents the sweet little one that is on its way and the people that are going to hold him/her so gently.

The host definitely has her hands full when it comes to planning and organizing for the bridal shower. But, the sweet pea baby shower is one of the hits of 2010 and there will be no lack of supplies needed for this theme. You will find everything from green table clothes to balloons on the ceiling.

When planning a shower you will start with the party invitations. These you can easily find through any outlet and on the Internet. The sweet pea baby shower theme should also be sweet pea baby shower invitations and extend from there. Once you have the invitations out and the guest have responded, you will know how many to plan for the event.

Party themes include games, favors, prizes, plates and cups, table clothes, centerpieces, and decorations such as balloons and banners. Depending on how much of the theme you wish to incorporate, will depend on the length of the party supplies you decorate with. To begin, this is a wonderful theme, because of the fact that you can choose a table cloth that is linen. This is a bit more elegant than paper clothes and makes for a more comforting setting. You will also want to consider place settings. Normally at baby showers the place setting are for snacks and the cake, which are paper. The sweet pea baby shower party theme is perfect to introduce here. You can purchase paper plates with the sweet pea emblem. You will also want to set the place settings with favors and napkins. Each of these can be the sweet pea party design as well. You might choose to have a favor next to each place that is a sweet pea candle or a sweet pea picture frame; you definitely wont have a dim supply on choices.

Party games can be incorporated into the scene. You might choose a game that has peas, such as dropping the peas into a baby bottle, or you might choose to see who guesses closet to the amount of peas in a jar. The possibilities are endless.

And, lastly, dont forget the cake. This is one of the most important parts of the baby shower aside from the decoration. The cake should be the theme of the shower and it should be large enough that the expectant mother is able to take a large size home with her to share with her husband and freeze.

Definitely, a choice pick in 2010! Enjoy and good luck!