How To Throw A Lullaby Themed Baby Shower

What could ever be more peaceful than watching a sleeping baby? Indeed, few things come close. It is the perfect atmosphere for a baby shower because nearly every mother looks forward to these special moments. Even adults can often be lulled by the peaceful sounds of a sweet lullaby and watching a sleeping baby will make even the hardest heart melt. Below are some ideas about how to go about creating the perfect lullaby baby shower. Use it as a guide; anyone can add their own special touches.

Baby Shower Invitations
When sending out invitations, use a night sky them with moon and stars. Use a silver or gold glitter pen to fill in the shower information. Construction paper and cardstock are good choices for making the invitations. The traditional colors of pink, light blue, or yellow are good choices to use, however just about any soft color will work also.

Use construction paper to make mobiles of moons, stars, and clouds. Hang them from the ceiling using string and thumbtacks. You could even use some glitter to decorate the stars if you like. Place baby powder scented candles around the room.

Game ideas include a song game. Divide the guests up into teams. The teams go back and forth, taking turns with the players on each team, trying to come up with songs that have the word “baby” in the title. Do this until one team cannot come up with a song. Prizes for the winning team might be something like little night lights since the theme is lullaby.

Another suggestion is to tape the guests singing parts or all of their favorite lullabies to give to the mother. It is a sweet guest that both mother and baby can enjoy for years to come.

Use lullaby music to play games like hot potato (only pass a baby instead) or musical chairs.

Baby cradle shaped cake is a nice touch, but if there is not a good cake decorator around, cupcakes would do just as nicely. They can be frosted with cloud-like fluffy frosting. Sometimes, themed candies can be found and sprinkled on top for decoration.

Cookies are another classic food that can easily be conformed to a lullaby theme by using cookie cutters to make stars and moon shapes. Whip a little bit of food coloring and icing together for decoration and, voila, a tasty and tasteful treat for the enjoyment of everyone.

Gift Ideas
Great gift ideas for the lullaby theme include lots of calming gifts for both baby and mommy. Comfortable bedtime clothing is a plus, blankets as well. Don’t forget mommy when providing comfy pajamas and slippers. Also, calming bath time necessities are always good for both baby and mom. And, in keeping with the lullaby theme, bassinet and/or crib sheets are something parents of newborn can never have too much of. Baby swings that lull a baby to sleep are also perfect.