Celebrate the Little Monkeys with a Coco Jocana Baby Shower

Any mommy-to-be shopping the aisles of the nursery department will be bound to bump into a line of nursery accessories from Coco Jocana. These cute little jungle animals are drawn so sweetly that you'll be tempted to buy a whole line so that you can make your baby's room a jungle lair.

But these cute animals, especially the naughty little monkeys are too cute to just be kept inside the nursery. Why not plan a baby shower around this theme? It's one that any mommy-to-be will be happy to have and the guests will certainly enjoy.

First of all, you'll need to show your theme with the decorations. There are so many cute Coco Jocana baby shower invitations readily available so you don't really need to make one of your own. But if you don't find one that you like, you can simply create it with a desktop publishing program and images downloaded over the internet. After you print out all the personal details, send them out with a coconut sticker sealing the invitation.

Your party area should look like the heart of the jungle, of course. Round up as many potted plants as you can to bring inside to give the illusion that you've been transplanted to the wilds of Africa. Then, position numerous stuffed toy animals in the plants, mostly monkeys if possible, so they look like they're peeping out of the jungle. You could use fake vines instead of streamers and add artificial exotic flowers to them. It's OK to go over the top here, nothing is too much when creating a jungle.

Nest, set your tables. These can be as easy as creating centerpieces filled with tropical fruits in a woven basket. Add a few carved wooden statues to the vignette, accentuate with colorful tropical flowers, artificial or not, and you're done! Placed over a tablecloth printed in an African or Indian pattern and set wooden plates at each place setting, all you need is a tropical flower placed in the center of a napkin folded to look like a flower.

The buffet tables can be fixed in a similar manner. If you can't get more printed fabric, why not use woven mats instead of tablecloths? Position the wooden platters that you'll use for the food over giant leaves used as place mats. Scatter a few flowers around the platters to add a bit more color.

You could make a simple centerpiece for the buffet table with a large potted tree positioned behind it filled with more tropical flowers and lots of toy monkeys. It's a very simple yet eye-catching centerpiece that will definitely get a lot of stares.

You can have a lot of silly games here, which will have everybody laughing so hard their sides will hurt. One is a banana eating contest, where the guests have to eat the most banana inside a minute. Then, you could have one which calls for the fastest person to peel a banana – with no hands! The guests can choose how they'll do it as long as they're not using their hands.

Simple favors are the order of the day here. Dried banana chips, coconut-scented lip balm, or little beanie monkeys are all great ideas. And don't overlook a delicious loaf of banana bread as an alternative.