Burstin' Out with Fun at the Champagne Baby Shower

If you know someone very special that is expecting a baby, or the baby itself is very special – long awaited, or had gone through a difficult pregnancy – it calls for nothing less than a champagne baby shower.

Call everyone to this extra-special champagne baby shower with the appropriately themed invitations. There are invitations that feature the cork being popped or bottles of champagne waiting to be opened. Choose from among these images or scan the label of the champagne and use that as the cover. If you're having a really intimate baby shower, a memorable touch would be to send a split of champagne or sparkling wine to each guest to show them that this is a baby shower that shouldn't be missed.

Decorate the party area in tones of soft gold for this champagne baby shower. Cover the furniture with a caramel-hued soft fabric. Small vases of gold-toned roses can be spread around the room. Use framed maps of the Champagne region to decorate the party area. Change the lights to a yellow tone to make the room glow.

Cover the tables in a luxurious fabric – damask is a wonderful choice. Dangling crystals over the tables are truly elegant. Set a beautiful crystal, silver vase, or candles at the middle and fill with soft gold roses. Set tea lights in amber glass containers around the vase and scatter yellow rhinestones all over the table. Use real plates and silverware for this champagne baby shower to create an elegant feel. Tie a bow over a rolled linen napkin in a soft gold tone and tuck a gold rosebud into it.

At the buffet table, cover it with a linen cloth and accent it with more dangling crystals. Intersperse the crystals with strings of fairy lights and long curls of light gold ribbon. Serve the food on clear glass platters and accent them with golden yellow glass pebbles and yellow rhinestones scattered around. For the highlight of the table, an easy, yet eyecatching centerpiece is a champagne fountain filled with sparkling non-alcoholic white wine. Train a pinlight on this, if possible.

Serve elegant food for this champagne baby shower: sherried stuffed mushrooms to start, smoked salmon crepes with a light baby mixed greens salad with a citrus dressing (don't serve any vinegar when you're serving champagne!) and tiny pots of rich dark chocolate mousse for dessert. Of course, serve champagne and sparkling wine or non-alcoholic sparkling wine with this food.

Champagne and dark chocolate is always a perfect match. A dark chocolate truffle cake topped with white chocolate roses is a wonderful type of cake to serve. Elevate this elegant cake on a cake pedestal to give it the proper importance.

As a favor for this extra-special champagne baby shower, you could give a split of sparkling wine if you didn't do so with the invitations. A box of champagne truffles would be a wonderful parting gift as well. Or, a sparkling sugar scrub in a caramel scent paired with a caramel lotion is a terrific way to extend the baby shower for another day.