Dr. Seuss Party Theme: "Seussy" Invitation and Decoration Ideas for a Baby Shower

The Dr. Seuss theme is a popular theme for children’s parties. it is also a great theme for baby showers, especially when you have kids as guests. The “suessy” baby shower is a great way for creating a fun atmosphere that both adults and kids will like. Even the party grinch is sure to love it.

Theodore Geisel (AKA Dr. Suess) is famous for creating children’s stories with silly characters and nonsense- settings that would draw children to read books. However, his books also have underlying subtle lessons that children can apply in their lives. For party preparation, it helps to be familiar with at least one of his books. If not, ask your friend’s older kids or surf the internet for a background.

Don’t let the upcoming bouncing bundle of joy miss a Dr. Seuss party thrown for him or her. Start with the baby shower theme and save the memories for him or her to enjoy in the near future.

The following are baby shower invitation cards and decoration ideas from Dr. Seuss which can be used for the baby shower:

“Hop on Pop” – Baby Shower Invitation Cards

Custom-make the invitation card using motivations from Dr. Seuss story characters on the front page of the card to give your guest a hint of the shower party’s motif. For baby shower details, use famous lines from Dr. Seuss stories. You can say something like “Great Day for Up!” for the date of the shower, “Oh the Places You’ll Go” for the venue, “Oh The Thinks You Can Think!” for the what-to-wear or what-to-bring and the like. Then on the back of the card, print one of Dr. Suess’ inspiring poems or quotable quotes.

“And to Think That I Saw it Mulberry Street”- Dr. Seuss Theme Decorations
Whether you choose to decorate using themes from “The Cat in the Hat”, “Sneetches” or “How the Grinch Stole Christmas”, you will never fail to entertain and wow your guests when they come in.

If you are holding the shower in your house, you can decorate the patio with a kiddie life-size cardboard picture of Grinch welcoming the party guests. Then right inside the front door, place The Cat in the Hat standing guard for the honored guests. Inspire the guest in the dining area with “What Are You Scared Of” motif by making a clothesline over the dining table and hang small pastel green pants which are actually table napkins.

Stick large shiny red stars on the wall and ceilings for the “Sneetch” effect. Let loose some colorful large balloons on the party area for an “Oh the Places You’ll Go” inspiration. Make center pieces for the tables with Dr. Seuss motifs like a Styrofoam cone stuck with toothpicks with cheese cube ( cheese trees in “Fox and in Socks”), turtle stuffed toys placed on top of the other (“Yertle the Turtle”) or a clear plastic bowl with “one fish, two fish, red fish, blue fish” candies and gummies. Dr. Suess books, can also placed half-open in the corners or on armchairs for the kids to read.

So, for party hosts who want a baby shower that’s fun and silly, yet smart at the same, the Dr. Seuss theme is the theme to go with. Look out for food recipes and fun activities to go along with the “seussy” invitation decoration for an amusing, unforgettable baby shower.