Celebrate Under the Sea with the Little Mermaid Baby Shower

What little girl never dreamt of becoming a mermaid? Many a summer would be spent daydreaming posed on a rock by the sea, gathering sand dollars for “money” or “sea biscuits” and wearing itchy seaweed as a mermaid's crown. What better way to reminisce about childhood with a mommy-to-be than with a Little Mermaid baby shower!

You'll be spoilt for choice with the invitations available! You could use Disney's Little Mermaid party invitations or choose among the many beach and sea themed cards available instead. If you're up to it, a very unusual baby shower invitation can be handwritten on a large scallop shell or can be attached to it instead, if you prefer.
Keep it unusual! Fanciful is the order of the day.

Choose cheerful calypso colors for the Little Mermaid baby shower scheme. Bright pink, yellow, aqua, blue, and lime green with white or silver is a terrific combination. First off, change the colors of a few light bulbs in the room. A green and blue mix give a watery, under the sea, feel. Bunch different colors and sizes of balloons in odd corners of the room. If you can find clear balloons, mix them in to represent bubbles. Print out various characters from the Little Mermaid books or cartoon series. Hang them up on one wall, along with assorted fish and seaweed shapes. Add a few large sequins for bubbles. Hang strips of crepe paper from the ceiling in different shades of blue, aqua, and green to represent seaweed. Suspend a few fish swimming in and out, too. Have a bubble machine in a corner, if you can, and some blue balloons in the corner.

Cover each table in a different colored tablecloth. Have a fishbowl in the middle with either some real fish or suspended artificial fish in it. Use silver paper plates and silver utensils but different colored napkins for each place setting. You could tie the utensils and napkins together with a few ribbons in the calypso colors for another burst of color.

Behind the buffet table, hang a swath of fish net and hang some fish, shells, and starfish from it. Add some sequins to it in sporadic places. Use silver serving dishes if you can, after all, this is a princess's party! Have a few artificial fish swimming around the platters and a sprinkling of more sequins.

The food should be as fanciful as the room. Translate the tale using the food as much as you can. For your Little Mermaid baby shower, you could have spinach and plain noodles (seaweed) topped with a seafood cream sauce, along with submarine sandwiches and a fresh salad make of ruffled lettuce, surimi and jicama sticks, and a basic vinaigrette. Dessert could be sugar cookies with an etched star in the middle for sand dollar biscuits or sand cookies in shell and lobster shapes served with Ben and Jerry's Phish Food Ice Cream.

There are different cakes you could choose for this Little Mermaid baby shower – fish shaped cakes, a crab shaped cake, or even a shell or mermaid shaped cake. What's more important though, is that the flavor of the cake is one that the mommy-to-be loves.

Favors for the Little Mermaid baby shower could be a little bag of goldfish, a bag of gummy fish, lip balm or hand cream in a “jeweled” container, or even a whole bag of chocolate coins.