Teddy Bear Baby Shower Theme

A teddy bear baby shower can take just about any form you see fit. You can use time honored, loved characters like Winnie the Pooh or you can go with your average, every day teddy bear. Bear designs for baby showers are available for sale in a variety of colors, designs, and applications. In fact, a teddy bear theme baby shower is probably one of the easiest to buy for.


You can get a variety of teddy bear invitations at party stores, and you can probably find free designs online. You may even have some hiding in the clipart collection in your favorite home printing programs. You might even come up with something cute to say in the invitation (and this will likely be the only time you can get away with saying “We would be 'beary' happy if you came....”).


As mentioned above, you can find teddy bear theme decorations and accessories in all sorts of places and for all kinds of things, but you want to stand out. Take it a step further – make it a forest theme for the teddy bears, with large trees drawn to look like a child's drawing or a children's book. Or maybe a polar teddy bear. This could work out well if it's near Christmas time, and especially if kids are coming. You could include Santa's north pole home as a way to entertain the children while the adults open presents for baby.


Teddy bears make me think finger foods. You can get cookies cut like bears, teddy bear cake or gummy bears candies. Or even all of the above. You could mix the gummy bear snacks in with M&Ms or other types of candies to make a teddy bear baby shower “trail mix”. Aside from that, finger sandwiches are always a good idea, and you could always grill camp-style foods, especially if dad-to-be is around to help out. Hamburgers, hot dogs and potato chips are always good to grill. You could even throw in some fish, since bears love to eat fish. If you decide to try cupcakes, why not try these teddy bear candles.


For this event, there's a variety of games you could play. A quick search online will find quite a few dress up teddy bear games you can play. Just download and print out their designs and everyone can play dress up with their own teddy bears. You could also play a “Pin the Fish on the Bear” game, using a bear with an out-stretched hand and a fish to pin to it. The idea is the same as the donkey version, just using a different animal, and feeding it instead.

Also, you could play a variation of bobbing for apples with fish, giving away teddy bear themed party favors and prizes.

These are just a few ideas that you can use for your teddy bear baby shower – use these as a starting point and let your imagination flow. Teddy bears have been a part of childhood for many years, and there are just as many variations on what teddy bears mean to people as there are people. As long as you keep it fun and baby-focused, your guests will definitely remember this shower for years to come.