The Pregnant Ultimate: The Pickles and Ice Cream Baby Shower Theme

No one can deny that most pregnant women have strange food cravings. Even scientific studies show that about 68% of women have food cravings sometime during the pregnancy. That's even going without saying that there are some men that have sympathetic pregnancy food cravings, much as they may deny it!

The ultimate picture of a pregnant woman with a craving is one seated in a comfy, cushioned rocking chair crunching down a bowl of icy dill pickle chips while alternating that with spoonfuls of creamy strawberry ice cream. Why not have a pickles and ice cream baby shower theme to totally celebrate a friend that is as one of a kind as her cravings?

You could have this party in a color scheme of pink, green, and silver. But don't just stick to a single shade of color. Varying the hues with a dark candy pink and a light strawberry ice pink combined with a limey pickle green and a darker grass green makes for a very lively party look. Accented with sparkly silver to mimic the vinegar and salt, you can almost feel the chill of the pickles!

Send out your invitations to herald your theme! There are quite a few pickles and ice cream baby shower theme invitations out there, or you could also make your own on the computer. Search for a great picture of a strawberry sundae and superimpose a shiny dill pickle onto the cherry on top. Ask the guests to prepare a bit of advice to be written in a keepsake book of what the mommy-to-be can do “if she every finds herself in a pickle.

The party area can be decorated in shades of pink and green to set the stage for the pickles and ice cream baby shower theme. Balloon bunches in varied shades of pink and green and a few shiny silver curling ribbons hanging from the bunches do so much to liven up the room. Have a few floral arrangements in the same colors scattered around the room.

Set the tables with a strawberry pink tablecloth and top with a lime green overcloth. As a centerpiece, surround a large, filled pickle jar with strawberries, cherries, and limes. Tuck pink flowers here and there and tie a large pink bow onto the pickle jar. Attach a little pickle fork to the jar if you like.

For the buffet table, have the biggest jar of pickles you can find as the centerpiece. Surround the jar with multi-hued pink flowers. Using a footed sundae dish as a vase, fill it with more pink flowers. Use a green tablecloth as the base so the arrangement will stand out even more. Scatter pink flowers among the food platters for accents. You could also use shiny glass pebbles to add some sparkle to the table.

You have a choice of many cakes for this! You could have an ice cream cake, of course, with a lot of icing pickles on top. Or you could choose to bake your own cake shaped like a pickle with scoops of ice-cream on top make from iced and decorated cupcake tops. Don't forget the green sprinkles for the “ice cream” since they look like miniature pickles.

What better food for this pickles and ice cream baby shower theme than an ice-cream bar? You can create your own ice-cream concoctions using varied flavors of ice-cream, the usual pineapple, strawberry, hot fudge . And caramel sauce, and a myriad of toppings: mini marshmallows, mini chocolate chips, chopped nuts, crushed or chopped candy bars, fresh fruits, whipped cream, and the must-have halved bananas.

Is your mouth watering yet?