Baby Carriage Baby Shower

The birth of a baby is a joyous time that is celebrated in many ways, a baby shower being one. Whether you are the expectant mother or the host of the baby shower, you are likely flooded with ideas for baby shower themes. And, for good reason, there are so many themes that fill the heart.

One of the more popular baby shower themes is the carriage baby shower theme. This is a design that fully represents the birth of the child and a theme that has many available decorations, favors, games, and foods that can be either purchased or handmade.

One idea for the carriage baby shower is to make a cake designed as a baby carriage. This can be simply done by backing two round cakes, keeping one whole and cutting the other into two circles for the wheels of the baby carriage. This is a great creative way to save a little money and have a little fun.

To decorate the home for the baby shower you will have many options. For starters, you will want to choose table decorations to suit the theme. This can simply be one centerpiece in the middle of each table or a fully decorated table. You do have the availability of spirited items such as table clothes with the baby carriage design printed on them and centerpieces such as the wire baby carriage. This makes for a very nice looking appearance.

Other needs for a carriage baby shower will be favors and prizes for games played by the guests. This is truly one of the highlights of the baby shower. A few suggestions for great favors are the baby carriage candles which are small candles shaped in the shape of a baby carriage. And, for prizes, you could have a baby carriage T-Shirt printed with the date of the shower and the expectant babies name if known. Other ideas include a picture frame designed in the shape of a baby carriage.

Fun games such as pin the wheels on the baby carriage and counting the number of jelly beans in a baby bottle with a carriage on the bottle can be played. Other suggestions for games is figuring out how many words you can spell from the word baby carriage, which is truly a fun baby shower game to play.

Items such as paper plates and napkins will be easy to find, as many baby boutiques and online sites readily supply the baby shower theme. Suggested places to shop for the best bargains in baby shower supplies is the Internet- due to not only the wide array of diverse party supplies but the affordability, as the sites normally offer the supplies cheaper than they can be found in the baby boutiques.

Remember to plan the day thoroughly and to have plenty of spirit through your decorations, food, cake, games, favors, prizes, and the wonderful selection of guests that you are sharing the celebration of the arrival of the baby with.