Unique Baby Shower Themes

Baby showers can be fun to plan, but many of the same themes have been done so many times that baby shower guests can become bored with the same decorations and games. Unique baby shower themes can help you to plan an exciting baby shower that people will be sure to enjoy. These unique themes can also help you to create a more memorable baby shower experience. Use these unique baby shower themes when you want to liven up a traditional baby shower.

Pajama Party Shower Theme

If you want to have a relaxing time with friends and family, why not throw a pajama party baby shower? This is one of the unique baby shower themes that are becoming more popular as people look for more casual shower themes. For this theme, all of the guests wear their favorite pajamas and the favors and decorations can reflect a baby bedtime theme. Moon and stars or other nighttime items can be used to create a theme that's reflected in every detail of the shower.

Beach Baby Shower Theme

If you love the beach, the beach baby shower theme is one of the best unique baby shower themes for you. Your shower venue can be decorated with sand, beach umbrellas, pails and shovels, sunglasses, and other beach items. Your favors can be personalized with pictures of beach items so that your guests will remember your beach theme for years to come. Beach party games can add to the festive atmosphere and ensure that everyone has a good time.

Book Party Baby Shower Theme

As far as unique baby shower themes, the book party theme is one that hasn't been done as often as the more common themes. Prospective parents who enjoy reading and want to emphasize its importance will love a book party where everyone brings a book to help build their baby's first library. Shower favors can include personalized books or photo albums to help hold all of the memories being created. Book party decorations can include posters or cutouts of major children's book characters.

If you want to use one of these unique baby shower themes for your shower, use your imagination to customize the theme to your personality and your favorite things. By taking a unique baby shower theme and making it your own, you will be able to hold an event that will provide hours of fun.